What has Nathan Schwandt been doing since his breakup with Jeffrey Starr?

Nathan Schwandt parted ways with Jeffrey Starr in January 2020 after a five-year relationship. The effects of the breakup were devastating, e.g. Jeffrey explained in tears in a video on his YouTube channel.. Starr and Schwandt then stopped following each other on Twitter and Instagram after their romance ended. Jeffrey announced that he was emotionally devastated. He revealed that there is more wear and tear than is known and seen.

The story of what happened to Nathan Schwandt is off the record, as he is known as a private person who does not like social media. But we’ll explain in detail below what Nathan Schwandt has done since his breakup with Jeffrey Starr. Is Schwandt dating someone again? How is he spending his time? Where is Jeffrey Starr’s ex-boyfriend living today?

Nathan Schwandt is now seen dating only the best artist Dominic.

Photos of Nathan Schwandt surfaced on the Twitter account of model and only artist actor Dominic, who goes online through “Durn at Dummy”. Dominic posted semi-nude photos with Schwandt and wrote: “The happiest time I am with you.” He also posted on his Twitter account a few days ago that he found his match in a Leo Sun, which is a sign of Nathan’s zodiac sign born in August. Dominic lives in Austin, Texas and considers himself one of the only 0.3% top actors in the fans.

Nathan returns to Michigan after breakup.

Nathan now lives in Michigan, as shown on his Instagram account. Since breaking up with Jeffrey Starr in early 2020, Schwandt has left California and returned to the state where he was born. Today, he lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second-largest city. Prior to the breakup, Nathan lived in Star’s 16 16.4 million mansion in the Hidden Hills in California. on the other hand, Jeffrey Starr listed his mega mansion for sale in mid-2021 and announced that he was leaving California. And well done to Wyoming.

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Nathan Schwandt began showcasing his skateboarding hobby.

Schwandt occasionally posts videos and photos of his favorite hobbies, skateboarding, on his social media accounts. He appeared to be enjoying the game after the breakup while still in California, where he posted a video on his skateboard near the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

After moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Nathan continued to show off his skateboarding on social media. In March 2020, Schwandt posted a picture of himself climbing a wall in Michigan. “Maybe I’ve found a new hobby,” he said. During this time, New facts about Jeffrey Starr’s relationship with Nathan were still emerging.

Schwandt mixed with grass.

Nathan has been drinking grass since 1999. Also, since Michigan legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2018, Schwandt has been showing his love for the plant. In fact, Nathan was seen several times after his breakup with Strick. Some fans were speculating as to whether Schwandt was considering starting a new grass business or if he was just enjoying it for fun.

Nathan walked away with an attractive new look.

Prior to meeting Jeffrey Starr, Nathan worked as a pet store employee in Michigan. He was an ordinary boy from the Midwest USA. However, after meeting and dating Jeffrey Starr, Nathan changed his form., Began wearing luxury brands, dying her hair in colors like blue and green, taking care of her skin, and taking her overall style to another level. It is important to note that even after the breakup, Nathan maintained his unique and modern style.

Nathan Schwandt is streaming on Twitch.

Nathan recently started streaming video on Twitch from time to time. He allows his fans to interact with him while he plays online games. Schwandt’s Twitch has about 19,000 followers and spends most of its time playing Call of Duty and escaping Turkov on the platform.

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He remembers his dogs.

In October 2020, Nathan posted an Instagram story of “Delicious”, a dog he adopted when he met Jeffrey Starr. Schwandt congratulated the dog on his emotional birthday and told him he remembers it every day.

Jeffrey and Nathan adopted four dogs when they were together: Delicious, Daddy, Drama and Da Vinci.

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In late 2019, Nathan Schwandt deactivated all of his social media accounts. As Jeffrey explained at the time, Schwandt wanted to be “separated” from the social world. Plus, Nathan and Jeffrey liked to DM people on social media for fun. As a result, fans would take screenshots of all their conversations, circulate them and create a big story about them, which angered Nathan and forced him to deactivate his Instagram and SnapChat accounts.

However, after the breakup, Nathan rejoined Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and other social media channels. He now has over 340,000 Instagram followers.

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