What is Amanza Smith of Sunset Sale spending her huge capital on?

Since its March 2019 release by Netflix Selling sunset took the world by storm. The reality show follows the lives and careers of Los Angeles’ most glamorous real estate agents, working to sell their most luxurious and expensive real estate. Like the real estate they are looking to sell, it’s no secret that the girls at Selling Sunset have amassed huge net worth through the show and their hard work.

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These female dynamites include model and business tycoon Amanza Smith. Smith joined Selling sunset in the second season of the series and has flourished as part of the team ever since. She has seen her ups and downs over the years, such as breaking up with ex Tay Diggs and the rocky relationship she once shared with her children’s father, Ralph Brown. However, in these difficult situations, Smith managed to amass and maintain an impressive $ 1 million net worth. So how does this glamorous mother of two spend her impressive net worth?

eight Amanza Smith loves to have fun on vacation

It seems like one of the ways Smith loves to spend his dollars is to indulge in an escape. Whether it’s a sunny beach getaway with her BFFs or a relaxing poolside getaway with the kids, Smith’s Instagram is replete with saucy snaps of her many vacations.


7 Amanza Smith – Fashionista

With just one glance at a glamorous real estate agent, anyone can be sure that she is the best fashionista. She wears clothes from big brands like Dior and Chanel and keeps up with the latest fashion trends. She is very passionate about her clothes and is not afraid to defend her choices and style. As Daily mail reports that back in 2020, Smith appeared next to her. Selling sunset partner Mary Fitzgerald wearing a purple and blue strappy dress… While many came for Smith, claiming that the dress was unsuitable, the 43-year-old rushed to close the trolls.

In response to one particular troll, she stated, “Okay, we [sic] aren’t you impudent and judgmental? Strong hugs and God bless! “

6 Amanza Smith is delighted with her beauty products and regimens

Along with her passion for fashion, her love for beauty products and regimens. Anyone can tell by looking at her Instagram that a mother of two is proud of her appearance and cares about her appearance. It’s clear that her dedication is paying off as the 43-year-old is consistently praised for her youthful looks.

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5 Amanza Smith loves to heal her children

It probably won’t come as a shock to many to learn that one of the main things Smith loves to spend money on is her two children. Whether it’s paying for a ballet or delivering ice cream, Smith loves documenting the lives of himself and his kids on his Instagram account.

Judging by her hard way through motherhood, it should come as no surprise that Smith would want to heal his children. Despite their split in 2012, Smith and her ex-husband Ralph Brown continued to maintain contact due to their joint custody of their two children. However, back in August 2019, Brown completely disappeared without a trace. Smith talked about this dire situation during the episode. Selling sunset

She stated, “Dad is a great dad, he is always there, but in the last couple of months the material really wowed the fans and he just passed out. And we really don’t know what’s going on. I just don’t have the answers for them. “

4 Amanza Smith opened and runs her own business

Besides her success at Selling sunset Thanks to her modeling background, Smith has also made great strides in her own design business, AmanZa LLC. She has a separate Instagram account, unrelated to her main lifestyle, which is dedicated to her designs and decorations under the Kidterior Design brand. She also created many of the furnishings in her own home, such as her family sofa.

3 Amanza Smith has a luxury home

As stated earlier, Smith is totally into interior design. This is especially evident in her luxury home in Los Angeles. In the video posted on Cosmopolitan UKYoutube channel, fans from all over the world were able to see real estate agent mansion interior details… Her home is adorned with expensive furniture and decorations, such as quirky Moroccan-style rugs and a huge wardrobe.

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2 Amanza Smith has a little puppy named Bowie

Another cash outlet for Smith is her adorable puppy Bowie. As a proud pet owner, Smith is partial to playful photos of herself and her puppy. This can be seen all over the Instagram of the real estate agent. According to her very first post with a puppy, Smith welcomed Bowie to her family back in June 2020.

one Amanza Smith is a huge foodie

Finally, like many of us, it seems that Selling sunset the star loves to pamper himself with a restaurant meal. There are photos scattered across her Instagram of her enjoying brunches, lunches, dinners, drinks and everything else as she sits with very impressive views behind her. Whether alone or in company, Smith is sure to enjoy the meal!

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