What is Andy Samberg doing now that ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ is over?

You probably know Andy Samburg43, from the hit NBC set work. Brooklyn Nine Nine. In which he acted. The actor plays Jack Peralta, a clever spy who is known for his comedic tricks and heart-warming romance with co-star Amy Santiago. The Golden Globe-winning actor also produced a police show, and was a key part of the series’ great success over the years.Brooklyn Nine Nine. Famously came back from the dead, after canceling his season five when NBC acquired the rights from Fox).

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The police show ended in September 2021 after eight amazing seasons and left a hole in the hearts of many fans. But what has Andy Simberg been doing since the series ended?

He is recording for the new Hotel Transylvania.

Yes, Andy has worked hard in recording his new role. Hotel Transylvania Franchise Movie Hotel Transylvania: Transformania., Or Hotel Transylvania 4., To be released in January 2022, and Samberg is set to play the role of Johnny Lofran, Dracula’s son-in-law. Andy has reportedly completed most of the recording required for the film and is excited to be a part of the production. Of course we have her expressive voice and funny style, and of course the kids are roaming around in our seats.

Andy also starred in another film that is still in production.

It seems that the actors are making a place for themselves in the children’s film voiceover market. Yes, Samburg is also working on the upcoming CGI Children movie. Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers – A Disney production featuring live action and CGI elements. For next year’s release on Disney +, Andy is playing the role of Dale, Chip’s best friend and co-founder of Rescue Rangers Troop. Andy is sharing his excitement about the online production, he has posted about the film on his Instagram page for his band The Lonely Island.

He is also backing up.

Enjoyed Great British Baking Show.? Then you might Love The voice of Cook it – A new baking show that Sambar is equally hilarious to host. Maya Rudolph. Competition program, which is a spin off. Make it They will see that the contestants are making the best sweets they can collect. Andy has worked hard to prepare for the show, which will air on Moore, maybe sometime next year.

Samberg is also participating in video games.

Andy’s voice is getting used a lot this year, he’s definitely going to lose it. The actor also seems to be lending his voice skills to the new action video game Tiny Tina Wonderland. The first-person shooter game is far from Borderlands, and is set in an imaginary world. Andy will voice one of the main characters in the game, though which one is still undecided. The game will hit the shelves in March 2022.

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He is on a farewell tour for the show.

Brooklyn Nine Nine. It may be over, but things aren’t over for the cast. Andy is working with other major cast members on the show to discuss the series on several TV sofas and how the actors feel about the end of an era. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but many are still struggling to make ends meet. Brooklyn Nine Nine. Really it’s over now.

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He is getting ready for a tour next year.

Andy is also preparing for his first tour of Lonely Island, a comedy trio he founded in 2001 with Aqua Schaefer and Zorma Tekon. Has appeared on the group. SNL And two feature films have been released on the big screen. This will be his first visit to the United States during June 2022. There is no doubt that Andy and the group are training hard to prepare for their stage debut.

Andy also spends a lot of time with his family.

Was a big part of the show. Palm Springs. The actor’s life spanned many years, and he spent a lot of time working on the set to create high quality entertainment. So it is not surprising that the actor will now spend more time with the family that things are finally wrapped up in the show. Andy is married to musician Joanna Newson, whom he married in 2013. Andy is very private about his family, rarely posting about them on social media. Maybe now that he’s hung up his uniform as Jack Peralta, he’ll be able to spend more time at home – and maybe, take a break from his busy movie schedule.

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