What is Mel Gibson’s current net worth?

Mel Gibson, 65 years old is an extremely successful guy. Actor, director, producer – he has held almost every major position in Hollywood, and has a lot of not only high-budget, but also incredibly cult films. Brave Heart, Mad Max, and Passion of Christ are just a few of the major films he is known for. Despite some of his controversial comments in the past, Gibson continues to work in the film industry, both as an actor and as a director, and has interests in various other ventures, owning a huge real estate portfolio with homes and assets around the world.

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His first film role earned him only $ 400, but as his career continued, he could dispose of tens of millions of dollars for a single film. So how much is Gibson’s directorial sensation worth? Read on to find out.

6 He earned his first $ 1 million check at Mad Max

Gibson began to make great strides in the film industry in the late seventies. In 1979, his career really took off after appearing in the very first Crazy Max the film from the subsequent franchise, where he played the main character Max Rokatansky – the hero of the dark post-apocalyptic world in which the film takes place. The film was a huge success, grossing more than $ 100 million at the box office, and brought worldwide fame to its Australian star.

The film’s unprecedented success was driven by a modest budget, which meant that Gibson was paid only a paltry $ 15,000 to work on the film. Crazy Max. By the time of the third payment, he was earning a significantly higher salary. Mad Max outside of Thunder Dome happened, however, in 1985. For this film, Gibson received his first seven-figure sum – $ 1.2 million.

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5 Mel Gibson’s largest salary has exceeded $ 25 million

Mel Gibson has had many ups and downs in his career, and that can be seen when you look at his salary over the years. For his first movie appearance while he was still a NIDA student, Gibson received only $ 400!

However, by the time he became an established star, the Australian actor’s royalties were in excess of $ 25 million. In 2002 – at the peak of his career – Gibson starred in films. Signs and We were soldiers. It was an extremely lucrative year for him – for these two films alone, he made over $ 50 million.

4 However, it was Mel Gibson’s direction that brought him the most money.

However, these astronomical sums are just a trifle when you look at Gibson’s income from his directing work. Possibly his biggest film ever Passion of Christ, saw him invest over $ 30 million of his its money into production – but the costs certainly paid off. Since he owned the rights to 50 percent of the film’s final profits, Gibson received more than $ 300 million in box office revenue for this highly controversial film.

3 Mel Gibson also received millions from movie supplies.

Directing, funding, and producing your own film can make a lot of financial gain if the film takes off and it really pays off. for a long time for Gibson when it came to the 2004 religious epic Passion of Christ. In addition to a very healthy cut in movie revenue, Gibson also queued up to get the big bucks for the film’s merchandise. In accordance with Celebrity net worthGibson received between $ 50 and $ 100 million from Passion product.

DVD sales of the film have also been incredible. He also raked in at least $ 75 million in home media sales.

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2 Mel Gibson is also a cunning investor

Gibson also has interests beyond acting, directing and producing. His wealth in the film industry has allowed him to venture into the highly lucrative real estate sector. Gibson owns real estate around the world, including Malibu, Costa Rica, Fiji and all of his native Australia. One of his most valuable assets, which he owned at one time, a large estate in Connecticut, USA, was bought for $ 9 million and then sold for $ 40 million in 2007, making him a decent profit from this property.

He definitely loves spending money on real estate and land. It is reported that he once spent $ 15 million alone on a volcanic island in the South Pacific. Not bad!

one So how much is Mel Gibson overall worth?

All these huge acting salaries, filmmakers’ fees and real estate earnings certainly impress Gibson as an exceptionally wealthy man. You may be surprised to find only how many although in fact it is worth it. Considering his entire financial history, including various charitable contributions, In total, Gibson is priced at a pretty incredible $ 425 million, and even that figure could be grossly understated.

Gibson’s decades in the entertainment industry, his dramatic roles in iconic films, and his track record of innovative work have made him an exceptionally wealthy man – even among the wealthy elite of the acting world.

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