“What is not religion, but people look at it with the same attention?” (35 answers)

What do football, iPhone and Harry Potter have in common? At first glance, nothing, but if you think about it – everyone has a huge army of loyal fans who spend a lot of time on their favorite thing, know everything or little. Even about the smallest details, and, most importantly, are prepared. To die on this hill for your beliefs.

In other words, the same characteristics that religion had for the majority of humans just a few hundred years ago. Remember the medieval crusades, religious wars and other “fascinations”? Yes, now the religious fanaticism has reduced considerably, but the worship of new idols has certainly taken its place.

This was also noticed by the topic starter One of the threads In the AskReddit community, who asked the question just a few days ago: “Is there no religion, but people treat it with the same attention?” And so, as of today, the thread already has over 34.8K upvotes and about 27.7K different and sometimes very pathetic comments.

KristenBellTattoos.com We’ve created a list for you of the most interesting and popular elements of the original thread. Sports and brands, music legends and Internet traditions – all the things that make people worship them so devoutly. So feel free to scroll to the very end (literally everything is interesting there!), mark what you definitely agree with and, of course, don’t forget to write your point of view directly in the comments!

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Elon Musk is annoying, he’s not saving the world so please shut up about what a selfless person he is. He exploits his workers. Stop being an annoying fan. Don’t worship billionaires

p0rkch0ps , JD Lasica Reports

254407415 9ab24664b1 c 631f2c3276870 700 The way Americans talk about their Constitution is very reminiscent of religion.

They worship it, but they haven’t read it in a long time. Maybe never.

They insist that you must respect him, even if you are not a member of the sect.

They assume that every opinion they have is justified somewhere.

They treat the men who wrote it as if they were prophets.

They may become sad, withdrawn, or even hostile when you say it’s wrong and that serious change is needed.

strange_protuberance , fdecomite Reports

4357227835 0d31c600b6 c 1 631f27b978d2a 700 Mother groups. When my kids were teenagers it started to get completely out of hand. I’m a crunchy mom, I’m that kind of mom, or that kind of mom. Those people go crazy. How dare you listen to the doctor’s advice about your individual child, my group thinks “it”. Heresy! Blasphemy! We will crucify you!

They used to be helpful, now they are f*****g cults.

Sufficient pressure 3 , English 106 Reports

13965425794 ec6921ef8a c 632165a6f3071 700 Gender theory (aka the pseudoscience surrounding transgenderism). I say this as a trans person. If you don’t follow the Awakened belief system, you are treated as an apostate. Leftists used to be very religious but now it’s all spiritual sex woo woo stuff.

Manexim , Mac Men Reports

7794221892 2db05a6c93 c 631f473667098 700 Football! The biggest sport in the world, the stadiums are truly amazing and the atmosphere created during the game is insane.

(edit) ok ok… guys, i mean soccer as the majority of the world calls it but to allow other cultures to understand… yes, “soccer” is the biggest sport in the world. .

Wow Survivor , pbkwee Reports

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