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Can you believe Sabrina Teenage Witch. 25 years ago, premiered on September 27, 1996? Sabrina Teenage Witch. An American set was based on the Archie Comics series of the same name.

Sabrina Spielman, a young American Played by Melissa John Hart, Knows that on his 16th birthday he has magical powers. Spellman lives in an imaginary suburb of Westbridge, Massachusetts, with his 600-year-old witch aunt, Hilda and Zelda, and their magical cat, Salem.

Heart, 45, celebrated. Its a milestone on social media “It has been brought to my attention that our show aired for the first time on September 27, 1996, 25 years ago today. ABC For 7 seasons. Melissa and Joey. The star said. “Thanks for the love and help to help us do what we love to do, smile people !! Happy #SabrinatheTeenageWitch Day!” This series is now available for viewing. Holo.

That’s what the show is about 25 years later.

Melissa John Hart.

Because. Sabrina Teenage Witch., Melissa John Hart’s fame skyrocketed. However, although he has acted a lot since then, Hart is currently a bit behind. Hart changed from an actress to a mother and took care of her three sons with her husband Mark Wilkerson. The credit for his last performance was in 2020. For life the film , Sweet christmas. She voices a character in the show, What grands Despite being fully vaccinated, Hart contracted COVID-19 in August this year.

Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea played Aunt Hilda Spellman in the show. She was less rational and more impressive. Since then, Rhea has acted in many other roles with her last acting credit, where she appeared in an episode. Sabrina’s charming adventures.. Now, he is more focused on taking care of his daughter and dog. The 57-year-old is still standing up and posting funny videos and photos of her life on Instagram.

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Beth Broderick.

Beth Broderick played Aunt Zelda Spellman, a scientist and college professor. Zelda was a more rational sister and voice of wisdom when Hilda or Sabrina would not use their magic responsibly. Although he has improved his acting duties, Broderick is still in business today. The 62-year-old appeared in an episode of the show. Walker And Shirley He also appeared with Rhea. Sabrina’s charming adventures. Broderick completes shooting of Lifetime Original film, Blending Christmas, And he likes to make pie in less time and fight for equality.

نک باکے۔

Nick Bake voiced 500-year-old sorceress Salam Sabir Hagen, who was sentenced as a 100-year-old talking cat for plotting to take over the world. He currently lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife Robin and is now more behind the scenes. Although Bake has worked in other roles, the 61-year-old has been a major producer in later years. He was a director, producer and writer. CBS sitcom, Mother, And is currently the producer on the show, باب دل ابیشولا۔.

Net Richard.

Nate Richards played Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina’s boyfriend for the first four seasons. When he finds out that he is a witch, they break up, but reunite after meeting the stones of his soul. He retired from acting in 2006 after appearing in several other guest roles. Richard turned to music and became a musician and songwriter. However, he appeared in an episode of the TV series, Homework. The 43-year-old ran away in 2019 with his wife Mallory. By 2020, it works. Paying bills as a maintenance man, janitor, carpenter, improviser and songwriter.

Gina Lee Green

Gina Lee Green played the arch-enemy of Sabrina High School, Libby Chesler, for seasons 1 through 3. The character was sent to boarding school at the end of season 3, which ended his show. Green continued to act in similar roles after that. You again, ER, bones. And more. The 47-year-old has just completed the thriller, Wild Indian, Which is in post production.

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Martin Mall

Martin Moll played Sabrina’s school vice principal and later principal Willard Kraft for 2 to 4 seasons. Although his career was booming at the time, the 78-year-old has slowed down in recent years. He is married to singer Wendy Haas. He occasionally appears in episodes of shows with current events in 2020 (Bob Burgers, Brooklyn Nine Nine. And Bless this filth.).

Paul Fig.

Paul Fagg plays Mr. Eugene Poole, Sabrina’s favorite teacher who taught Belgium during the first season. He was sometimes sarcastic and bitter, but was never mentioned again after Season 1. Sabrina, Fagg continued the entertainment business in acting and directing. The 59-year-old directed and produced the 2019 film, Last christmas. He is currently the director and producer of the show. Zoe’s unusual playlist. And Love life Fag also produced 6 episodes of the upcoming show, East of La Bria.. Upcoming movie, School for good and evil. It was also directed and produced by him.

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Lindsay Sullivan

Lindsay Sullivan played Serena’s best friend Valerie Burkehead, who moved to Alaska with her parents in Seasons 2 and 3. She has been acting in shows since her time and has appeared in shows like this. Strange couple, mourning dress. And more. She is also a film actress whose last role was in 2019. End, beginning. The 44-year-old actress is very sincere about her welfare and equal rights on social media and posts pictures with her famous friends.

Soleil Moon Fry.

Soleil Moonfrey played Sabrina’s Martial College Roommate Rocky King for 5 to 7 seasons. Moonfree currently cares for her four children, whom she shares with ex-husband Jason Goldberg. She has been acting since the show ended, mostly in voice work. Although canceled after a season, the 45-year-old played the title role in the show. Pinky Brewster. this year. He also directed and produced a documentary, Baby 90., And starred in the movie, The Cleaner. Fry will voice a character in the upcoming series, Proud family: lofty and proud.

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