What is the highest grossing film in the Matrix franchise?

The Matrix franchise has become nothing more than a global phenomenon: surpassing all expectations, Keanu Reeves-Sci-fi movies with headlines not only became cultural icons, but also entered the public consciousness, spawning all kinds of memes, technical terms (remember the “red pill”) and transforming the genre of science fiction itself. Beginning with Matrix (1999), the original film spawned two sequels, both released in 2003: The Matrix Reboot and Matrix revolutions. Nearly two decades later, Warner Brothers released the fourth film in the franchise: Resurrection Matrix (2021).

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The latest installment of the franchise was expected to be a huge box office success, but which movie has grossed the most? You may be wondering which one has proven to be the most successful. Read on to find out.

6 The Matrix has raised an incredible amount

The original film came out in 1999, Matrix, was released. The film was an instant success, drawing legions of fans with its dark, futuristic storyline and stylish designs (those black coats – wow!) The film was also a critical hit, who praised the acting and Wachowski’s unique concept.

Box office success Matrix made over $ 460 million out of $ 63 million, generating nearly $ 400 million in profit.


5 The Matrix Reloaded was even more successful than the original

Following the success of the original film, producers rushed to launch a sequel. In 2003 g. The Matrix Reboot was released and exceeded all financial expectations. With a budget of $ 150 million – double that of the first film – Wachowski’s new film sold worldwide for $ 741 million. This figure has broken Terminator 2: Judgment Dayrecord and became the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. While fans and critics alike agreed that the film was not as impressive as its predecessor, many still loved this massive blockbuster, and its success guaranteed further Matrix releases.

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4 “Matrix revolutions” have become much less

In the same year, Matrix revolutions was also released. The third part promised to improve its predecessor and complete the trilogy at a high level, but instead turned out to be another disappointment. Mixed reviews and confusing fan reactions have resulted in a significant drop in the box office. After the studio poured over $ 150 million into the production of the film, it made a rather disappointing $ 427 million – a significant profit, but several hundred million less than another 2003 film, The Matrix.

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3 Fast forward to 2021, and another part of The Matrix came out

Perhaps a disappointment in Matrix revolutions meant that the Wachowskis decided to take a long break. Only in 2020, the shooting of another film “The Matrix” began: Resurrection of the Matrix. Once again, Keanu Reeves returned as Neo alongside other actors from previous films: Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lambert Wilson. Although filming was heavily delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fourth (and possibly the last) film was released late last year. So far, critical reactions to the film have been mixed.

This time the budget was significantly higher – $ 190 million. However, in light of inflation, this is probably in line with, or perhaps less than, the cost of the last two films.

The film is still in theaters around the world, so a final box office estimate is not yet possible. As of now, the film has already returned $ 106 million from its original budget, and has every chance of surpassing the $ 400 million in profits from its first three films. Its imminent entry into Asian markets is likely to significantly increase ticket availability over the next few weeks.

A simultaneous release on streaming services will also change its box office significantly; the film is available on HBO Max.

2 So which film did you make the most?

Currently, The Matrix Reboot is considered the highest grossing film in the Matrix franchise. However, he may well be knocked out of first place if Resurrection can truly breathe life into this iconic action series.

one Are there any more films in the franchise?

Will there be a fifth film in Matrix franchise? The short answer is probably not. While the film is incredibly lucrative, it seems the film’s producer believes The Matrix has run out of steam.

“I think at the moment it’s just a movie that you saw. We don’t think about the prequel. We don’t think about a sequel. We have no further trilogy, ”James McTeague said recently.

“But I think the film also works where it’s really open to interpretation by viewers, like what happened in the 60 years before they caught Neo again, or Thomas Anderson for Neo. When Neo and Trinity are at the end, and when Talking to the analyst, what do they really mean when they say they are going to change? So I think it’s somewhere close, but at the moment it’s not in our wheelhouse. ”

“There is always a financial part. There are always directors who want to make films, and there are always studios or streamers who have the money to make it easier, ”the producer admitted. “So yes. It’s always a business equation, as well as a creative equation. “

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