What is the life of ‘American Horror Story’ creator Ryan Murphy?

Have you ever watched a show and wondered who in the world came up with the most entertaining idea for a series? There have been some very creative minds in Hollywood who have made some of our favorite shows, one of them being Ryan Murphy.

Related: ‘American Horror Story’: Which cast member has been in the most episodes of the show?Ryan is a very popular person. American horror story, But not many people know that he also made a hit series, Happiness. Ryan is an interesting man, and he has more than just crazy ideas for some of the fun movies and television shows he has.

He has made many shows.

We all know this. Ryan Murphy. Created everyone’s favorite horror show. American horror storyHe is also a genius behind many of our other favorite people. Shows Even in years. It was their first successful show. Popular It was a teenage drama that aired on The WB from 1999 to 2001.

Related: The cast of ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 was rated from richest to poorest.He is also responsible for such shows. نپ / ٹک۔ Which was on FX from 2003 to 2010. None of his successful creations. Happiness He was on Fox from 2009 to 2015. Recently, he has been responsible for it. Pose, 9-1-1., Hollywood, as well as Sieve.

He was a journalist.

Ryan Murphy


First. Ryan Murphy. Became the author and director of all our favorite shows, he started as a starter. Journalist. He studied at Indiana University, where he studied journalism. He moved to the West Coast, where he became a reporter, writing for places like Pop Culture and Celebrities. The Last Angels Times. as well as Weekly entertainment.. Although he had a degree in journalism and had a passion for it, he also loved creative writing and worked hard on screenplays in his spare time.

He can sing

When it comes to the concept of Happiness , Ryan Murphy. He took a lot out of his personal life because he was in more than one. Choirs During his studies as a teenager at Warren Central High School, he not only sang in the school choir, but also in the school’s theater department. When he went to college he was involved in music as he worked towards his degree, and he was a member of the Singing Hosiery Lawyer Ensemble.

A famous face bought his first script.

Ryan Murphy

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While Ryan Murphy. He was still working as a reporter and writing a screenplay on the side, he was able to complete a call. Why can’t I be Audrey Hepburn?. The script did not get anyone else’s attention but is popular. Steven Spielberg.. Steven offered to buy the script, and it was Ryan’s first major achievement, especially since he looked to Steven Spielberg. Sadly, though, the script has been in pre-production for years, and to no avail, but he can say that Steven Spielberg was interested in his first script!

In the name of an influential person.

Back in 2019, Ryan Murphy. Was Named one of Of time 100 influential people. It was a great honor to be on her list of the most influential people, as she is so successful and a member of the LGBT community. Actress Jessica Lange wrote an article about Ryan and why he deserved to be included in the list, as he worked with him on the set several times. American horror story.

It has its own production company.

Ryan Murphy-1


When you have a brain. Ryan Murphy. And you have the ability to bring as many shows as he does, you may need a little extra help when it comes to preparing them. Because of this, Ryan decided to make his own. Production company Called the Ryan Murphy Productions. The company has many of our favorite Ryan Murphy hits. American horror story, Happiness, The story of American crime, as well as Queens scream.. Its recent deal with Netflix has also given it a heavy workload.

It has a great Netflix deal.

Back in 2018, Ryan Murphy. A big signature Dell Many shows, movies and documentaries will be produced for the streaming service with Netflix. The deal is for several years and was paid by Netflix for 300 million. As soon as he signed the contract, the streaming service already allowed him to make four shows, three films and three documentaries. Its two shows, politician. And Hollywood It didn’t get as high a rate as his other works, but Ryan is still producing more and more content for Netflix, thanks to which he signed up.

Her first Amy was for ‘Happiness’

All celebrities remember the first major award they received in and for their careers. Ryan Murphy. That was a lot of it First Emmy Award For her show Happiness. Over the years, he has been nominated for 36 awards and has won six of them so far. Recently, Ryan has been nominated for several awards for his hit FX show, Pose. She has also won several Emmy Awards. Assassination of Gianni Warsach: The Story of American Crime., as well as Insider: The People vs. OJ Simpson: The Story of American Crime.

He started halfway.

Back in 2016, Ryan Murphy. Founded the Half Initiative, a program that ensures that at least half of its shows are filled with female directors. According to websiteLess than a year after its launch, it has hired 60 female directors and catered to the needs of 90% women, minorities, BIPOCs, and LGBTQ +.

Related: Connected: How each season of the American horror story is interconnected.There is also an educational director shading program where the directors of their shows should guide women, BIPOCs and other minorities through an episode they are producing from start to finish. People who participate in the program will also be paid for travel, accommodation and day care if needed. A program for production assistants was also created in 2021, which follows the same idea of ​​shady directors.

She has a husband and three children.

Although Ryan Murphy. There is a lot going on in his working life, his private life is also very busy. She has been married to her photographer husband, David Miller, since July 4, 2012. Three sons Together, all were born through surrogacy. Their first son, Logan Phoenix Miller Murphy, was born on December 24, 2012. Their second son, Ford Theodore Miller Murphy, was born on October 6, 2014. Thankfully, he has since recovered. Their last son, Griffin Sullivan Miller Murphy, was born on August 18, 2020. It doesn’t matter if they plan to have more children, but they are the sweetest family.

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Macaulay Culkin joins American Horror Story Season 10.

Adding him to the cast of American Horror Story is a clear sign that the actor is back and is probably planning to do more soon!

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