What is the marital status of “Southern Charm” star Austin Kroll?

Southern charmAustin Kroll embarked on an endless roller coaster ride with his controversial co-star Madison LeCroy. After joining the cast Southern charm during the fourth season, he became a reality TV hit. Kroll dated his co-star Chelsea Meisner for a bit until he began dating Madison in season six. They lasted three years until they finally came to an end in the summer of 2020. In February 2021, Austin Krall joined the cast of the new Bravo spin-off series. Winter House

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In the wake of his grief, this wild seventeen-day trip to Stowe, Vermont, was much needed. Austin Kroll and best friend Craig Conover join the cast Summer house and some cute Bravo newbies. Kroll found himself in a love triangle with Summer houseCiara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard. What he saw as a drama-free vacation turned into another disaster. It looks like Austin Kroll can’t stay out of a toxic relationship.

6 Who is Austin Kroll?

If you are not a fan Southern charm then I’ll tell you everything about Austin Kroll. Austin is a 33-year-old reality TV star who founded the Kings Calling Brewing Company in 2018 and launched her first beer, Trop Hop. When filming for Winter House and Southern charmAustin makes $ 25,000 per episode. Estimated, The southerner’s fortune is $ 1 million.


5 Madison LeCroy ends their relationship

Madison was the one who finally put an end to the tumultuous relationship between her and Austin. Anyone who has watched the show knows it was a long decision, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. Madison LeCroy has a son, Hudson, with whom she shares with ex-husband Josh Hughes. Madison is currently engaged to her boyfriend after dating for less than a year.

Austin Kroll decided to take the road, stating, “The huge thing I was thinking about is that this goes beyond the nonsense I’ve been doing to her for ages. She has a son– explained 34-year-old Kroll See What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Wednesday, October 27th. “So this is that she is going to start a new family and so I wish all the best for her and her new family.”

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4 Ciara Miller kissing Austen Kroll

Ciara Miller had no idea what she was getting herself into when she kissed Austen Kroll in a hot tub in Vermont. She had no idea that her co-star Lindsay Hubbard would appear a few days later and admits that she had previously dated Austin. At first Miller was confused, but Kroll assured her that Lindsay was his “sister”. After the drama subsided, Austin pursued Ciara more seriously. Kroll invited her on a small double date with Kyle Cook and Amanda Batula. It looked like they were getting married in heaven until Austin saw a photo of her ex Madison in the newspaper. Austin Kroll collapsed after realizing that he was not ready to bring this relationship to its next stop.

3 He couldn’t handle long distances

Austin lives in Charleston, South Carolina and Ciara lives in New York. He felt that at a distance, it was too difficult to sustain the relationship that began two weeks ago. His buddy Craig Conover is currently dating Paige Desorbo, and they completely ruin the relationship between Charleston and New York. Unfortunately, Austin just couldn’t give in to Ciara like that because he hadn’t forgotten Madison.

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2 Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay got hot Winter House and immediately confessed her love for Austin. In Hubbard’s style, she straddled Austin after firing too many fireball shots, but unfortunately he did not reciprocate. After Lindsay called him a sister, she moved on to newbie, Jason Cameron. To make matters worse, after the show aired, Austin Kroll continued See What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and essentially humiliated Lindsay. It looks like the two have recovered from their etheric dispute after Lindsay stated that she was taking a break from their friendship. Lindsay is currently rumored to be dating her. Summer house co-star, Karl Radke.

one Marital status Austin Kroll: single

Austin Kroll made it clear during the finale Winter House that he needs to focus on himself right now. He doesn’t want the trauma of breaking up with Madison to spill over into his next relationship. Kroll admitted that he is still looking at one gorgeous model who lives in New York.

In an exclusive interview with PeopleAustin revealed that as long as he is single, he is ready to explore a relationship with Ciara in the future. “Yes, we are both lonely” – Southern charm the star said, adding that the couple were still in a relationship since filming ended in February. “You never say never. Craig [Conover] thinks I’ll be done with her.“The model even recently flew to Charleston and spent time with the creator of Trop Hop.” It was great to see her and reconnect, “Austin admitted.

Fans will have to wait and see how their love story continues into the new season. Summer house!

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