What is the Song in Black Adam in the second trailer?

A distinctive voice is one of the main components of a successful rap song, besides the skillful choice of words and control over the vocal flow. And perhaps few are as instantly recognizable as Jay-Z and Kanye West. Their familiar voices ring out in the latest Black Adam trailer, thanks to the inclusion of their most notable collaborations. In 2011, HOV and Yeh released Watch The Throne, which, thanks to numerous successful singles such as “Otis”, managed to reach platinum status (via BET). However, the latest Black Adam trailer uses a deep cut from Watch the Throne.

The song he uses is called “Murder for Perfection” whose lyrics strive to consciously view the social experience of blacks in America from both a negative and a positive perspective. Lyrically, the song touches on a heavy subject, but it all fits well with its majestic-sounding beat, which heavily samples a traditional Romanian song called “Purtata fetelor de la CapalnaSurprisingly, despite his many production credits, West was not the one who made the beat of the song. “Watch The Throne” attracted many well-known producers, including S1 and Swizz Beatz, who both produced “Murder To Excellence”.

“Murder To Excellence” is a fantastic song for the latest Black Adam trailer, but we’re a bit surprised that Johnson didn’t try for creative synergy. In 2021, the actor released his rap verse along with Tech N9ne for the song “Face Off”. The moment took many fans by surprise as Johnson ended the aggressive music with an intense verse. As he noted in an interview Billboardwhile Tech helped him with the technical aspect of songwriting, Johnson’s lyrics came straight from the gut and the heart.

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