What Kaley Cuoco Really Thought About Penny’s Wardrobe in Early Episodes of The Big Bang Theory

At first, Kaley Cuoco didn’t mind wearing Penny’s revealing clothes during the show’s early seasons. “I was the nice girl next door to the nerds [who] it was all about Juicy Couture shorts and zippers,” she said. W magazine. “At 21, I was hot. I wanted to show it.”

But as Kaley Cuoco got older, like Penny, wearing short shorts no longer suited the character. “Suddenly I thought, ‘Can I have a long sleeve shirt? How about a slack? How about a slacker? she shared.

However, Cuoco doesn’t feel like the sexy clothes ruined her performance, saying, “I don’t think it was hard to wear those things and be funny. I think I like being funny no matter what.” Obviously, this was proved by the actor’s performance in “Flight Attendant” and the animated series “Harley Quinn”.

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