What Nicole Kidman had to say about the ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ (and her critics)

In Hulu’s new miniseries, Nine perfect strangers, Nicole Kidman The owner of Trincomalee House plays Masha, a welfare worker in Northern California. Masha is mysterious and unnatural and makes some beautiful promises to the nine participants, each of whom comes to Trunklum with unique struggles, failures and sadness. Masha and Trunkulm’s staff guide them through their painful mental, physical and emotional activities, each designed to heal their grief. But the participants soon found out that the staff was hiding secrets, and the retreat took one mysterious turn after another.

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to dark roles, having recently joined. To cancel And Great. Small lies. Nine perfect strangers In fact, it is based on a novel by the same author who wrote it. Big and small lies. In its original form: Lian Moriarty. Now that the two are close partners, Nicole Kidman is in the creative process not only for her role but also for her. Full production. Here’s what to say about it. Nine perfect strangers.

She was temporary about Masha.

Nicole Kidman recalls when Lian Moriarty was writing. Nine perfect strangersHe contacted the actress to tell her that she was writing a role for him. Nicole Kidman read the novel and immediately asked about Masha’s character, “Should I be angry or happy?” Eventually she was drawn to the opportunity to do something “really weird and really weird as it turned out, but it was also an amazing role for all these different women.”

Critics say it’s slow.

As the series progresses, it brings together critics who see it as too dim and too overwhelming. A common theme in his critiques is that the show provides mostly on offensive music and trekking shots without fulfilling the seemingly promise of dirt and darkness. The premise and many of the characters are interesting, but the end result is disappointing. However, he agrees that the acting performance is impressive, especially Melissa McCarthy, whose character, Francis, was also written specifically for her.

She was in the role all the time.

Nicole Kidman revealed that she played the role of Masha during the entire shooting of the series, for a full five months. When he Met other actors. On the first day on the set, he greeted her as Masha, holding her face in his hands and placing his hand on her heart, spoke in a low and calm voice. “I tried to connect with people in a certain energy, which was probably annoying,” he said. “I remember when we wrapped up and I spoke, and [castmates] Everyone said to me, ‘We have never heard your real voice before.’ They were shocked. ”

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Because of her roles with Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, Nicole Kidman wanted to fill the rest of the cast with unknown abilities. He pushed. Asher Cady. In the role of Heather, even when she received pushbacks from financiers who did not want to back an unknown actor. “Part of my mission is to give creators a chance, especially women who haven’t really had a chance,” she said. “It’s my biggest thrill.”

Her husband was in Masha.

After five months in the role of Masha, Nicole Kidman’s husband, country singer Keith Urban, became accustomed to welcoming “Masha” into his home. Although she did not always maintain her tone, she tried to keep up with Masha’s energy and rhythm. “I had a husband,” she joked. Very In Masha, she will be excited when she gets home. ”

He has to make creative choices.

As the lead actor and a producer, Nicole Kidman explained that she valued the opportunity for Masha to choose and gain freedom that she could not find in other productions where the director had a more specific idea of ​​her choice. happens. After discovering Masha’s backstory, she came down to her Russian-American accent, although she adds that Masha speaks seven languages ​​- a fact that is not seen in the show and only comes from her character development. ۔

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She was optimistic about the audience’s reaction.

Nicole Kidman has been in Buzz since 1983, so she knows, as an experienced actor does, that it’s dangerous to listen. Also Before the show aired near critics, when she was doing a lot of interviews to work as a promoter, she was often asked how she wanted the audience to react. “Hopefully you’ll laugh, hopefully you’ll cry … The critics’ reaction may not be what they were hoping for … but we doubt she’s listening.

This is a bad time after the White Lotus

Richard Lawson made an appropriate observation. A piece of it for Vanity Fair. That in addition to its flaws, Nine perfect strangers He also suffers from bad timing. HBOsWhite lotus As a brilliant written and beautifully shot drama, it is making a splash, emphasizing the difference in quality between the two shows. He hinted that a climax was coming, explaining that the show was definitely another fiddle. White lotusIt’s been a long game, and speed and time can be much more efficient than we think.

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She will participate in I’tikaf like Trunkulum.

Before filming, Nicole Kidman explored the depths of the world of Masha and Trunkulum and wondered what the compulsion is about retreat and its lofty promises. “If someone says give me yourself for ten days, and I’ll fix you, I’ll say, ‘I’m in.'” On one, she only checks out after two days.

She tries to break up.

In a world of constant and toxic contact, retreats in Tranquilum have a phone-free environment, where participants can turn inwards and focus on self-discovery and relationship building. Nicole Kidman knows how important disconnection is for your mental health, and she explains that. atleast One day a week, usually Sunday, she turns off her phone completely and doesn’t answer incoming calls, messages or emails. She admits, though, that it will be difficult to do for 10 days.

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman donate to the Australian Fire.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are fighting the Australian fire by donating 500,000.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban used social media to broadcast their 500 500,000 donation.

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