What Olivia and Alex Bowen did after they left Love Island

Many could forget about this beloved Island of love a couple from the second season. If you’re new to the reality TV wave of love shows, you may have missed their season. If so, you should really consider coming back and watching this season, because it really is one of the best. Even though Olivia and Alex Bowens didn’t win the show, they left a lot more! They finished second, ahead of winners Kara De La Hoid and Nathan Massey, who are married and have two children.

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During a lie detector test, Alex failed miserably when asked about his feelings and intentions towards Olivia. This stupid ordeal nearly tore them apart, but Olivia knew deep down that he loved her. The two have surpassed all expectations and have been together for over five years. They are now married and living together in Essex with their two French Bulldogs Vinnie and Reggie! Let’s see what the life of these two love insects looks like years and years later.

7 Olivia and Alex’s journey across the “island of love”

In July 2016, Olivia and Alex met in the second season of the series. Island of love… Olivia was the original cast and Alex showed up on Day 18 and they’ve been together for the rest of the season ever since. The couple fell in love on TV and the world saw their love story unfold.


6 Olivia and Alex’s matching tattoos

Olivia and Alex have many tattoos, so it’s no surprise that they decided to put together one to show their love for each other. A few months after graduation Island of love, they decided to get the same King and Queen tattoos. One was not enough because in May 2017 they got another matching tattoo! Each of them has each other’s initials on their fingers … “A and O”. They also appeared on TV shows. Just a tattoo of us where they chose tattoos for another person. Olivia chose a crying baby cartoon for Alex, and he chose a cartoon in which she sits on a cow. Just a regular Friday for these two!

5 Mr and mrs bowen

While some fans might say that many relationships are on Island of love fake olivia and alex – definitions Island of love the goals of the relationship. The two were the first couple to ever get married from the show. They figured out every chance it wouldn’t work because this is a TV show, and together they created a wonderful life. Alex proposed to Olivia on December 31, 2016, and they celebrated the New Year as grooms. Olivia and Alex Bowen were married on September 15, 2018, followed by their honeymoon in the Maldives. A truly fabulous wedding.

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4 Brand deals go into effect for Olivia and Alex Bowen

Many companies asked Olivia and Alex to promote their brands. Since these two are in the public eye, it would be a smart business move to add them as brand ambassadors. GymKing is one of the main brands they work with and has become a springboard for them to learn more about the business. These deals led to them eventually starting their own business.

3 Olivia and Alex Bowen buy their first home

The couple moved into the apartment a few months after leaving the villa. Spending every second of every day together, it seems silly to live separately. A year later, they bought their dream home together, which Olivia posted on Instagram and said: “We drove past the old buildings of these houses, my mother and I, when I was little, I looked at them and would like to live in them. such a house as I got older, but I always thought to myself that this would not happen. Today my fiance and I secured our first home with a new version of this project. Everything is possible… Where there is love, there is hope, and where there is hope, there is determination, and when you have determination, you succeed. ❤️🏠🥂 “

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2 Created his own tax-exempt society

If everything they did was not enough … Olivia and Alex decided to start their own business! The two have created a brand of womenswear and menswear with stylish cuts. The brand originally belonged to Alexei with menswear, but now he has added his wife to the project with a line of womenswear. They have also grown into a real estate empire and are currently worth $ 5 million.

one ‘Olivia and Alex: And then happily ever after’

In 2019, Olivia and Alex launched their own TLC TV show called Olivia and Alex: And forever. The show came out a year after they got married and provided a glimpse into their lives since they became husband and wife. There were only six episodes in the series, but who knows if they will return to our screens in the future!

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