What Parks and Recreation Fans Really Wanted to See from Mark Brendanovitch

While Mark Brendanovitch was hardly the most popular character on Parks and Recreation, some fans on Reddit found it strange that after his departure from the second season, he was almost completely erased from the series.

“I wish they would return to his park plan in later seasons,” he wrote. u/Initial series-811. “I thought it was such a good way to say goodbye to him, but he just forgot about it.” Their comment refers to the sweet parting gift Mark gives to Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) before leaving for good. As the show’s early seasons focus on Leslie’s attempts to turn a wasteland into a new city park, Mark gives Leslie the plans he designed for her dream green space.

Not all fans have expressed a desire for Mark to return, but some found it odd that he seemed to be completely erased from the characters’ memories. “[T]they didn’t even put him on Anna’s list of ex-boyfriends, even though they had some that were never on the show.” u/kmoros indicated.

Mark’s return to tie into the park’s design storyline or as one of Anne’s former fans could also alleviate the issue Paul Schneider says contributed to his exit from the show. During a conversation with ScreenCrushthe actor said of his departure from Parks and Recreation: “You know, I signed on to a certain character that was changed midway through the season. And he became a character with much less to do. And suddenly, I was a little confused, and I had a lot less to do.

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