What really happened between Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song?

Brenda Song is currently enjoying parenting with her partner Macaulay Culkin since the couple welcomed their son in April 2021. It seems so long ago that Disney alumni were engaged to Miley Cyrus’s brother, which is one of the many interesting facts about Trace Cyrus.

The former were together for seven years before parting with it forever. The reason for their breakup is unknown, and the couple appear to have broken up peacefully.

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During the course of their relationship, there were rumors of pregnancy and possible miscarriages.


After their breakup, Song took to Instagram to apologize for not picking up the rumors earlier. To which Cyrus responded by accusing her of lying to him, his family and friends about the pregnancy.

So what really happened to Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song?

They have appeared and disappeared for seven years.

In 2010, Song and Cyrus publicly announced their relationship, and for a couple of years they were interrupted every now and then. It was a relationship that many people were interested in, seeing that both Brenda and Trace were at their peak at the time.

Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus smile for the camera
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These were pregnancy rumors that turned out to be false. Song and Cyrus eventually split up after seven years of marriage. Neither side disclosed the reason for their breakup, but both remained silent about their time together.

Trace wrote a song about their relationship called “Brenda” after their breakup. Per teen Vogue, he explained the song in the now deleted Instagram post.

“I wrote this song last year in Nashville after Brenda and I parted ways. We moved on with her, and I am very happy for her. She inspired me to write countless songs and has been such an important part of my life. I will always treasure the songs I have to remind me of our crazy 7 years together. “

Trace explained, “When I wrote this song, it was my last goodbye as we ended our relationship. I told myself that after I wrote this song, this would be my last song about Brand, and I kept my word. this is my therapy. Enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day “.

However, after the breakup, they were surrounded by some drama. In a now deleted Instagram post, Son shared a heartfelt apology to her ex for rumors of pregnancy and miscarriages.

The message read: “Several years ago there were rumors that I was pregnant and / or had a miscarriage. I just want to say that these rumors were not true. It was lies and inventions. I apologize for not clarifying this. before and for the permanent damage this lie has caused @TraceCyrus. “

Although Cyrus’s comment under the post had tongues dangling. The singer replied, “Yes, it was the lie that YOU CREATED and told me, all my family and all our friends.”

Cyrus broke off engagement again

In early 2018, Trace went public with his relationship with Instagram model and singer Taylor Lauren Sanders. They often posted photos of each other on their Instagram accounts. Cyrus and Sanders even collaborated musically.

They got engaged later that year, and both shared the news on Instagram posts that have since been deleted. In 2020, Cyrus announced on Instagram that he was single.

Both he and Taylor removed the photos they shared with each other from their accounts.

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The rock star wrote: “Happy New Year! I don’t have any specific goals this year. I just want to focus on my family, music and fitness as much as I can! Some of you may already know, but I am recently single and am very grateful to have my family around me at this time. I’ve been feeling so happy lately! Thank you @mileycyrus for always being by my side … I love you sooo much sissy. “

It’s unclear if the singer is currently dating anyone. There are no photos on his social media to indicate that he is in a relationship. One thing you can find on his Instagram account are stunning photos of his family.

The song has been performed with Macaulay Kalkin for many years

In April 2021, fans were simultaneously shocked and thrilled to recognize this Son and her longtime boyfriend. Alone at home Star Macaulay Culkin became parents.

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The duo met on the set Changeland in Thailand in 2017 and together since then.

Culkin and Song for the most part kept their relationship a secret, so much so that most people didn’t even know they were together. Culkin was previously in a nine-year relationship with This is a 70s show actress Mila Kunis.

In a 2020 interview EsquireBrenda and Macaulay admired each other.

Song told the magazine, “People don’t realize how incredibly kind, loyal, sweet and smart he is. In fact, what makes Mac so special is that he is so implacable. “

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