What Really Happened to My Chemical Romance After They Broke Up

While we all loved listening to * NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys at the time, fans noticed that some boy bands’ lyrics were causing problems. But there were other types of bands that made the same impact: emo bands that made us all feel a lot of intense emotion with their melodies and words. Something Corporate, Take Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional are just a few of the bands that many of us have fond memories of. Whether we were lucky enough to go to a few concerts or we learned all the songs in our bedrooms, we worked through difficult emotions with this music.


My Chemical Romance is another favorite emo band that touched many people with their music. The group disbanded in 2013. Distractify.comand fans are definitely curious about what they are doing. One group member even inspired a hit TV show that hit Netflix. Keep reading to find out what really happened to My Chemical Romance after they broke up.

Gerard Way created the Umbrella Academy and is still making music

My Chemical Romance is part of a long group of bands that got back together again, but although the bandmates were alone, they all did something cool and interesting during that time.

In 2021 Gerard Way spoke about writing music and fans wondered if he would ever write new music.

In accordance with Kerrang.comGerard talked about working with Doug McKean and explained, “But lately I’ve been sitting with Doug working on music and then I just go to my office, which used to be Marion Peck’s art studio, and I love this room – and I I’ll sit while Doug mixes, tweaks, edits, programs new drums … I literally sit there and write as close as possible to what I think will be the final lyrics, or at least I’m comfortable singing in this moment”.

Gerard Way has also written the comic book series. Umbrella academy which is now a popular Netflix show.

Gerard Way talked about Umbrella academy in an interview with NME.com and said that at 15 he worked in a comic book store. He has always loved comics and studied drawing at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He also used a typewriter that belonged to his grandmother and always created comics.

Gerard said that as My Chemical Romance flourished, he knew he needed another creative outlet: “Then the band gets bigger and more successful, but all the time I miss another part of my life that I had to kind of leave. from. I missed the comics a lot and I have always loved them. One of KristenBellTattoos.com that really inspired me was that I was on tour and DC had just started re-releasing Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison and Richard Keyes, so I started reading them.

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Mikey Way is pursuing a solo music career

Gerrard Way’s brother, Mikey Way, is also working on several interesting creative projects. Mikey talked about Electric Century, a group he plays with David Debiak, who is also known as a member of the Sleep Station group.

In accordance with Kerrang.comElectric Century released a graphic novel album. Mikey said, “The advantage of this project is that it’s a pandemic and people can’t do the usual things to publish art, so that’s pretty cool – it should have been unconventional anyway, but I think people are more open to something non-standard. “

NME.com reported that Mikey was also working on the comic book series Collapse which is put by Young Animal DC’s imprint.

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Ray Toro became a father, and Frank Iero had an accident

After the disbandment of My Chemical Romance in 2013 Ray Toro became a parent

In an interview with Louder soundRay said it is really amazing to be able to stay at home and be with your family. He explained, “I am raising a son and enjoying time with him and my wife. I had a good family life that I never had the opportunity to enjoy before because we were on the road so much. It’s nice to feel like we are building something with the whole family. It’s nice to take root and not just work all the time. “

In accordance with My Chemical Romance FandomRay has two sons (born in 2012 and 2015), but the couple keep their married life under wraps.

Frank Iero left solo and formed the band Frank Iero and the Patience. In 2016, he had a terrible accident: as the musician said MTV, he was standing near a van in Australia and the bus literally crashed into him and the people he was with. He was right under the bumper of the bus.

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Although My Chemical Romance got back together in 2019, they have a big tour planned, which is now taking place in the spring of 2022. According to a statement on the group’s official website, they are looking forward to a new co-op game. The group wrote, “We can’t wait to visit some of our favorite cities in the world and be with you again. Until then, happy holidays and be healthy. “

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