What Sandra Oh Really Thinks About Her Grey’s Anatomy Past

Fear not, Grey’s Anatomy fans; Sandra Oh does not appear to have serious intentions on the show. Although she noted in a 2021 interview Today To show that the sudden loss of anonymity that accompanied her rise to stardom on the show proved to be a major personal issue, Oh has mostly spoken lovingly about her time on Grey’s Anatomy over the years. And she kept doing it during a 2021 interview with the Los Angeles Times. “Enough Asian” podcast.

During the interview, Oh was asked about her time on the show and she openly admitted what a unique experience it was for her, saying, “It was such a privilege to play [Cristina] over the course of a decade.” She continued, “I would say that it’s very rare to see the impact of a character in this way…” Oh was also asked if she would be open to returning to Gray. Anatomy,” as several former co-stars did in Season 17. Unfortunately, she ruled out that possibility with a resounding “Oh hell no!” before declaring in no uncertain terms that her time on Grey’s Anatomy was indeed over. “… in my opinion, it has disappeared. But for many people, it is still alive. And although I understand and love it, I am moving on.”

This statement is sure to break the hearts of Grey’s Anatomy fans who miss Christina Yang. But at least they can take comfort in the fact that they can always laugh and cry with the witty character in reruns.

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