What Shameless fans are saying about Jeremy Allen White’s new Bear show

on reddit, you/Dave_santzzz created a post asking if any other fans of Lip Gallagher, Jeremy Allen White’s character in Shameless, Bear, have watched. The post received a wide range of responses, with some netizens acknowledging that they think Bear and Shameless, both set in Chicago, are more similar than fans of either show might have initially realized.

For example, u/aznhupster wrote: “Just recently I watched the series, I really liked it, and I like the other actors in it. [It] in a way can also pass as a by-product of the Lip.” you/enjoyt0day similarly noted: “This [definitely] it feels like you’re watching a spin-off of Lip.” However, on the same Reddit thread, u/purple tie wrote: “I am rewatching for the second time [of ‘The Bear’] currently. Lip wasn’t even my favorite character, but Jeremy Allen White is so talented and the show is so compelling.”

In other words, it’s safe to say that The Bear can appeal to viewers, whether they’re fans of White’s performance in Shameless or not. However, Shameless fans aren’t the only ones who have noticed some similarities between Lip Gallagher and Carmi Berzatto. In an interview with VultureWhite even acknowledged some similarities between the two characters, but he also said, “Where I see a really big gap between them is their confidence.”

“While Lip and Carmi can be considered fragile characters, Carmi is on edge all the time,” White added. Anyone who has watched The Bear knows that the actor’s description of Carmi is not inaccurate either. Regardless, Shameless fans around the world can still feel comfortable knowing they’re not the only ones who have noticed some similarities between him and The Bear.

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