“What terrible secrets do your parents have that you don’t know about?” (24 answers)

As a child, you always looked at your parents as if they were clean and innocent down jackets. No parent can do anything wrong in the eyes of their children – however, when these children grow up and begin to evaluate things with their somewhat worldview thinking, rose-colored glasses are discarded. You understand that your parents are people just like you, with real emotions, scars and your own character.

Some may have experienced past trauma; some are dealing with anxiety that they have actively tried to hide from you, and as it turns out, many have secrets – the only question is how strong those secrets are.

Someone on Reddit asked other users, “What terrible secrets do your parents have that you don’t know about?” The post received nearly 20,500 votes and 9,300 comments, in which people took turns revealing their parents’ deepest and darkest secrets. Do you think you know your parents well?

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Not some terrible secret, but I sometimes hear my dad talking behind closed doors with my mom, who passed away abruptly many years ago. He usually tells her the news about our life and that he misses her. My sister recently got married, and I heard him outside his room telling my mother how beautiful my sister looks and what a wonderful husband she has, whom she never had the opportunity to meet. How they always talked about this moment when they watched their child get married and he wanted her to be there with him to see us. We rarely talk about my mom at home, but after 14 years she is still very much alive in his heart. Sometimes it turns it inside out.

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6355220839 982b1263d5 c 61d7ebf7b37fa 700When my grandfather passed away, he left me about $ 140,000 in trust. He could not be touched until after my parents passed away so that he could get as much money as possible from the investment he arranged. (My grandfather was an oil tycoon in Pennsylvania, and no one in the family knew about this until he died.) One day the bank called me and asked what I would like to do with closing accounts. I had no idea why, but apparently my parents took their medical bills and rewrote them to have my name on them. Then I sent them to the bank to receive “compensation” for paying my medical bills. They completely devastated trust in less than 5 years. With this money, they renovated their house. I don’t think I have any appeal. But whatever. I am 35 years old and have my own pension. It just pisses me off that they stole from me like that.

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25198861052 63018e321e c 61d7eb55a4f2b 700My dad often talked about how he grew up in a very poor family, that he had to buy food from food banks, etc. This is one of the reasons why now that he has his own business, he donates to food banks all the time. and all kinds of charitable foundations. Refund.

It turns out that my father’s father owned a large construction company and made millions of dollars (in the 50s and 60s). My uncle was selling huge quantities of cocaine and he was arrested. My grandfather went bankrupt, paying the judges and lawyers and everything else to keep my uncle out of jail for most of his life. That’s why my dad grew up with nothing.

He has no idea what I know.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , Mac Male Report

8045962 35b81d681c c 61d7f24026f39 700That my grandmother has a picture of my mom. My parents separated when I was two years old. My dad told my grandmother to get rid of everything about her, and we never talked about her growing up. My grandmother showed me the only photograph she has that my dad doesn’t know about. This is the only picture of her that I have ever seen.

algonzale3 , Andrew Hitchcock Report

50234632706 813fa3a209 c 61d7ed3f7a512 700Found my dad’s naked polaroid in a box full of tiny underwear that obviously fit my mom .. Thank mom, but ugh.

And that very day I learned not to look at other people’s shit ..

AnnaBortion26 , Marko Verch Professional Report

29900009538 d845c5bfb1 c 61d7efbd8a499 700When my sister and I were kids, my dad used to sell his valuable football cards and other things to pawnshops to afford gifts for Christmas, Easter, etc. (not necessary, dad, but I love you).

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12696032183 0d9622ae98 c 61d70f9f0e56b 700When I was a child, we were semi-close to my father’s family. My grandparents came (2+ hour drive) to talk to my parents about the “adult problem” and I, 10 years old, were told to stay in my room with the door closed. After that, we never spoke to them again, except for one letter I received from them expressing sympathy for the death of my other grandmother (with whom I was very close). I had no idea what happened.

Years later, I found a cousin on Facebook and we went to the same college, so we met for coffee. I found out that the reason we didn’t talk anymore was because my mom opened a whole bunch of credit cards and accumulated a bunch of debts in my grandmother’s name that she never intended to pay back. My cousin and I have held this between us and she has no idea what I know.

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24245714561 46d047be09 c 61d7eeb27cc6a 700My mom was kidnapped. I don’t know any details and it never came up. When I found out about my mom’s behavior, my whole life made sense.

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49348351491 1263b7b37e c 61d7ebbf2e0ee 700My mom had to do some A.A. introspection. She made a list called Life Grievances, and having children was the first item. Found it when I was looking for my Social Security card to take my first job at 16 … She kept it in a safe.

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3764904526 432ceedbda c 61d7ec98dae4e 700When I was a child, my mom had surgery to remove moles on her face, and she came back and recovered for several weeks. Of course, a mole on her face was removed … But miraculously, her fives turned into twos. Crazy how it was a side effect of facial surgery.

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48999734452 a3f0fd5578 c 61d7edc11cbd1 700My mom doesn’t know that I know that she has been battling depression for years. My dad told me. It amazes me how much she endured over the years. Tough shit even for a non-depressed person. The funny thing is that for a long time I thought my mother was a very calm, carefree person who was not easily pissed off. It came as a complete shock. I think she’s trying to protect me? I’m over twenty. That’s fucked up.

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28907093110 309ae1e391 c 61d7f26a30e0d 700What my mom says shit about me with my brothers and sisters. Not even my brothers and sisters told me. One night I overheard her on the phone with my brother. Damn bitch.

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6348660073 77b34e47c9 c 61d7f28e73e3f 700When I was 11, I accompanied my mother to see the doctor. The doctor looked at my mom’s medical history and I heard her ask, “Did you have an abortion last January?” I was old enough to understand what the term meant (I don’t think they thought I was that way) and to be honest, it shocked me for a while because I never expected it to happen.

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37038781654 6c249c1553 c 61d7ee12b0166 700My father has a child from an affair quite early in my parents’ relationship. He’s a pretty close family friend and I have no idea how no one noticed. He’s like my father.

Mom and Dad have been talking about this romance for many years. Hey, I may be wrong, but the schedule is fine!

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5938073935 a4412c78b6 c 61d70f21cc4da 700I want to preface this by saying that I was adopted. My dad was 18 and wanted to have some fun with my mom (17) one last time before he was sent to the army. This is where I come from. She decided to adopt me so that we both could have ECT. He never stopped loving me or thinking of me. I didn’t tell my adoptive mom that I knew they hid it, and I probably never will.

Yes, I know my bio dad. We met and talked several times. We care about each other, but we don’t get along. Mainly because he is afraid of guns, a God-fearing Republican who voted for Trump, and I am a liberal feminist (not a Radfem, but still) who volunteers at PP. Do I need to say more?

No, I’m not mad at my adoptive parents. I love them very much, and I think my adoptive father somehow knew that I was the one to find them. I know that my mom and dad are good people (mom is a little narcissistic, but that’s a different story) and that they thought about my well-being at the time. I don’t think it’s worth bringing up the issue and starting a fight because it was a long time ago and as someone who has never had children, I have no idea what the whole situation was. I’m 31 now. What’s done is done.

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3308664125 8255d4a89a c 61d7ef2b78172 700My parents wanted to leave after I was born due to my father’s anxiety and violent nature. I found out about this only when I read the old diary of one of my mothers and realized that my father was not there when I was 2-3 years old.

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27113663157 11021ff427 c 61d7ef84e14ed 700Not my parents, but my mother-in-law.

Their oldest child does not belong to my father-in-law. I know because we are all blood donors. He is negative and she is negative.

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