What these 10 Big Brother favorites have done since they left the show

Older brother goes beyond the seasons. In reality TV, ten to sixteen actors get together in a house and compete every week to win a prize of $ 500,000.

For avid fans of the show, however, guests are becoming more than just reality TV stars. They quickly gain fandom recognition and their lives change forever, whether it’s fame, new career opportunities, or the search for love.

With 23 seasons, dozens of spin-offs and celebrity seasons, a lot of people have come and gone Older brother House and fans are quick to pick favorites. Some fall into obscurity, while others become public figures and gain huge following, even if they don’t win or advance far in the game.

Some have even been on other shows like Bold and beautiful, challenge and Amazing race. That’s what these ten Older brother the favorites have done since they left the show.

10 Paul Abrahamyan

Paul Abramayan has been a fan favorite for 18 and 19 seasons, finishing in second place both times. After leaving the show, they formed a group called Van Alden and released two EPs. In addition, he fought to end the Armenian genocide. And he released solo music under the pseudonym Deadskull. When they are not making music, Abrahamyan usually collects curiosities and skulls and sells them at flea markets in New York.


9 Tyler Crispen

Tyler Crispen won America’s Favorite Player, finishing second in Season 20. Following the show, Crispen co-founded Naut & Chain, a jewelery company specializing in marine products. He also got engaged to his showman Angela Rummans earlier this year. Crispen also went vegan and became an opinion leader and YouTube.

eight Victor Arroyo

Victor Arroyo won America’s Favorite Player in Season 18. When he first appeared on the show, he was a gym manager but has since changed his profession to become a police officer. Arroyo has been very busy for the past few years. He married season 16 and 18 alumni Nicole Franzel after proposing to her on the show. They also had a child, which they named after him, Victor Arroyo IV, but they call him the Arrow.

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7 Janelle Pierzina Edina

Janelle Pierzina dominated the game for four seasons – 6, 7, 14 and 22. After the first two seasons, she changed occupation and became a player. real estate agent… She is also married and is the mother of four children. She is still dating Older brother alum, including her best friend, and Ride or Die, Kaisar, and she shoots cameos for fans.

6 Da’Vonn Rogers

Da’Vonn Rogers was a guest at home in seasons 17, 18 and 22. She won America’s Favorite Guest in Season 22, making her the first African American guest to do so. Rogers was one of the lucky ones to appear on Bold and beautiful after the show. She also spends time with her daughter Cadence. Rogers is also a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter and encourages his followers to do the same.

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5 Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder was a guest in seasons 11 and 13, in which he won America’s Favorite Players both seasons, making him the only person to win it twice. After leaving the show, Schroeder married his showwoman Jordan Lloyd, and they have two children. He also created a YouTube channel with his wife, which was inactive for a while. He is one of the masters Daily blast live… Schroeder also returned after his seasons to interview guests before and after the show. In addition, they competed in Amazing race together.

4 Britney Haynes Godwin

Britney Haynes has been a fan favorite in both seasons 12 and 14, and she won the title in season 12. After the show, she got married and gave birth to three adorable girls, one of whom was battling cancer. She still works as a sales manager at the hotel and posts pictures of her kids and adorable dogs. Many fans were disappointed that she did not participate in the second All-Star Game season 22. However, she still competed with Janelle Pierzina at Amazing race Season 31.

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3 Dr. Will Kirby

Dr. Will was one of the best players to ever walk into a house. Competing in seasons 2 and 7, winning once and making it to the finals the next, he is considered one of the most successful guests in history. Dr. Will continued to work as a physician, more specifically a dermatologist, and appeared on the show over the years. He is also a beauty reporter in “Life and Style” weekly and Chief Physician Laser Away.

2 Nicole Anthony

Nicole Anthony was a guest for 21 and 22 seasons and won America’s Favorite Player in 21 seasons where she finished third. After the show, she launched a podcast called Hello friends! Anthony also dated BB alum, including her friends on the show, Cliff Hogg and Ovi Kabir. Season 21 alum also started dating Brian Fontanez this year, whom she posted on her Instagram.

one Zach Rance

Zach Rance was one of the favorites for Season 16, although he didn’t win it. When he was on the show, he was a recent college graduate and is now a Certified Life Coach, Health Coach, and Nutritionist. He does not like to be associated with Older brother and came out bisexual in 2020, after rumors that he and his guest, Frankie Grande, got back together.

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