What Timothy Chalamite’s high school classmates have to say about it.

Timothée Chalamet is undoubtedly a favorite young actor. After his breakout role. Call me by your name Co-starring Controversial army hammer, 25-year-old starred in more critical films. He also watched several shows last night, excellent magazine courses, and continued to steal shows at prestigious red carpet events. The style of his statement.

He earned the nickname “The Next Leonardo DiCaprio” from his fans, not only for his fame and talents. List of ex-girlfriends. But apart from his form and acting skills, General Z’s favorite is mostly chosen for his humility. One fan even revealed that he was once late for the movie premiere because he was talking to his fans outside. Her high school friends seem to agree. Here is everything he said. Mound Star

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Everyone knew it would be something big

In a sub-edition called Esc Me Anting, one user expressed frustration with what the chlamydia was like in their high school days. Commentators were quick to ask if the actor was always predicted to become a movie star. “He was a really nice guy with an actor’s number on his broken iPhone 6,” Redditer replied. There was no joke. ”

When asked: French delivery. The star has always looked as beautiful as he does now, Androni said: “I think he’s definitely grown up in his shape so far. Whenever I knew him he was just a bully. ” Still, the Oscar nominee was “always thought to look good,” the source said, adding that he lived in the same apartment as the actor.

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‘The funniest guy’

Chalamet always looks shy in interviews. He was joking but the fans were always happy about his weird style. So it’s a little difficult to see the real nature of the actor. However, according to Redditor, Little ladies The star was “probably the most interesting man I knew at the time.” He also said that he was “just everyone.” [around] Really a talented and trusted friend. ”

‘Everyone loves Tommy’

The popularity of chlamydia began back in high school. “He was very famous. [LaGuardia High School], “Insider wrote.” And usually in our constituency, everyone in our area knew it. ” Fault in our stars Actor Ansel Algort also visited Lagarde and echoed those views on his popularity. Beautiful Boy The actor “Timothy was very famous,” Algort said. MTV When asked who is more famous between him and Chalamite?

However, Chalmet said the algorithm was more popular because it had “a calendar with it.” He also revealed that he “did not enter them. [musicals]” Because Baby driver The star was always in the lead. “That’s why all those rap videos are online because I was doing a talent show instead of a musical,” Chalamite added.

Of course, in response to an ordinary humble celebrity, Algort insisted. King The star was really more famous. “No one dislikes Tammy,” he argued. “Some people just like me. Everyone loves Tommy.” Both played on the same high school basketball team, attended the same science class, and their success is due to the same drama teacher, Harry Chefman.

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Chefman struggled to get into Chalamate’s La Guardia when he was initially rejected. It was already clear that. [Timothée] Was very interesting and skilled and compelling ” The chef said. Vanity Fair. “I went to the principal … thankfully the principal answered me because I was so angry that Tommy didn’t come in.”

Madonna’s daughter has a ‘very good’ high school boyfriend.

Madonna’s daughter, Lord’s Lyon, said in April 2021 that she and Chalamite were “a little thing” in high school. “I have a lot of respect for him,” he said. “My first boyfriend – or whatever.” They started dating in 2013 when Lyon was 17. Lady bird The actor was 18 years old. Page six. It was reported that the Queen of Pop was protecting her daughter and the couple was assisted by bodyguards for a less important dinner.

Around that time, Madonna also told Extra That her daughter had a “very good boyfriend”. When asked if he was a young actor, he said, “I don’t know.” Chalamet has not said much about his relationship with Lyon. He is also known for keeping his personal life very private. In 2017, when Andy Cohen asked him about the night he was seen on a date with Leon in 2013, he simply said: “I don’t usually talk about this thing, But it was a good night. ”

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Who was Timothy Chilmat before fame?
This is who Timothy Chilmet was before fame.

Chilmet has been praised for the depth and passion he brings to his characters at such a young age.

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