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After Britney Spears and Kevin Federline got married in 2004, they had their first son named Sean Preston “Preston” Federline on September 14, 2005. Federline’s birthday is September 14, 2005. Almost a year later, on almost exactly the same day, they welcomed their second son, Jayden James “JJ”. Federline, September 12, 2006

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Britney Spears’ son Jaden says his mother didn’t give her kids ‘equal love’ and she responds

Despite their parents being one of the most popular couples of the 2000s (and one of the biggest and most nasty breakups) and their mom being one of the most recognizable faces of our time, not much is known about Jayden and Sean.

For starters, the boys don’t have a big public image at all: they’ve only been photographed a handful of times as kids accompanying their mom on the red carpet, and are featured in very rare Instagram posts here and there. In many ways, boys are a mystery to the public.

However, over the course of 2022, some drama reared its ugly head, setting off a full blown and sordid feud between the boys and their mom. After their father, Kevin said some harsh things about Spears, stating that her guardianship actually “saved her” and that their boys didn’t see her for months made it even worse. Jayden later met with director Daphne Barak, stating many things, one of which was that she gave him more love than his brother Sean, saying, “I think Mom tried her best to give us both attention and show we have equal love, and I don’t think she’s shown Preston enough, and I’m sorry.” He added, “We’ve both been through so much pressure in the past that this is now our safe place to process all the emotional trauma we’ve been through to heal, heal our mental state.”

Britney responded on Instagram by saying, “I’ve tried my best to be the best person I can be… to be basically a hostage in homes under nurses and bullshit. I hope that my children will one day understand my reasoning about my play in the water, which reveals me as any woman. will be kept under blankets and under surveillance under guardianship,” she said. “Finally at 40 without the limits of what my family has done to me…I tell my son Jayden that I am sending you all the love in the world everyday for the rest of my life!!!! My love for my children knows no bounds.”

At this point, not much is happening between them other than a few public apologies (mostly from their mom). As their birthday months roll around, we hope the blended family can put their differences aside for not one but two happy birthdays!

It seems like yesterday the boys were little kids wearing the same haircuts. Now they are teenagers, on the verge of adulthood, and we wonder where the time has gone.

Everything we know about Sean and Jayden, see below!

They look a lot like their father Kevin

As we said, Sean and Jayden are rarely seen in public, which is why this October 2021 photo of them blew up almost instantly. And everyone marveled at how much they looked like their father, Kevin Federline.

The boys are big

While Sean is seen as more opinionated, Jayden is seen as a big joker. Both are creative, free-spirited men, but we love the fact that they have their own unique traits.

They traveled the world

Thanks to their parents, Sean and Jayden have already seen a big chunk of the world!

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