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Well, well, it looks like Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, isn’t the only member of the royal family to have recently been involved with some kind of drama that has become the subject of everyone’s attention. Rumors of an alleged feud between Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Rose Hanbury’s longtime friend, the Marquess of Cholmondels, first surfaced last month. Rumors have since escalated into something worse: reports that Prince William cheated on Kate with Hanbury while the Duchess was pregnant with their third child.

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As originally reported by the British tabloid The sun, friends and neighbors fell out after Prince William urged Kate to gradually eliminate Hanbury and her husband David Roxavage from her life. While the reports have not been independently confirmed, Prince William made a strong statement when he threatened the British media with legal action if they continued to work on the reports. While this tactic may have worked at home, it hasn’t stopped the story from gaining traction on Twitter and American publications. The resulting coverage has reinforced the sexism and shame directed against Hanbury on social media and even on her estate’s Instagram page.

While it is still unclear exactly what this alleged feud was, leading to the eventual breakdown of friendly ties, one unsubstantiated narrative by authoritative British journalist Giles Coren includes claims a romance between Hanbury and William. Elle magazine reported last month that Kate and Hanbury appeared to be considering taking legal action. against The sun, implying that both women want to close the story because it’s not true. Although, to be honest, none of the women has come up with a statement confirming or refuting rumors of a bad relationship between them.

In light of all this, and given that this is the first time many people hear the name “Rose Hanbury”, let’s take a look at who Hanbury is and what we know about her.

A version of this story was originally published in 2019.

1. She is a member of the UK Peerage.

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When she was 25, Hanbury married David Roxavage, 7th Marquess of Cholmondels. After their wedding in 2009, Hanbury received the title of Marquise of Cholmondels. She also has family ties with the peer. her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambert, was a daughter 10th Earl of Cavan.

2. Hanbury was a model before marriage.

Hanbury’s professional life before marriage was mainly about making a living as a model. Per Tatler, Hanbury was introduced by Storm Models., the same agency that once represented supermodel Kate Moss.

3. She is a mother of three children.

Hanbury is mother of three… Twins Alexander Hugh George, Earl of Roxavage, and Oliver Timothy George, Lord Cholmondeli, will turn 10 in October. The couple’s daughter, Lady Iris Marina Alin Cholmondeley, turned three in March. And here’s a fun fact about how they decided which son would get the title of future marquis: they chose a plump twin!

As the Telegraph explains, usually the title goes to the son who first entered the delivery room. But since the boys were essentially introduced at the same time as the caesarean section, their parents came up with an alternative solution… “They decided that the eighth marquis would be the boy who weighed more at birth,” a family friend reportedly told the Telegraph. “It was only eight ounces, but it will be a very significant eight ounces.”

4. She has more than one relationship with the royal family.

Not only is Hanbury connected to the royal family through her friendship with Kate, but her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambert, was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. in November 1947. Hanbury also had the privilege of attending William and Kate’s wedding back in April 2011.


5. Hanbury and Keith are in a special circle of friends.

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Alan Davidson, Anthony Harvey / Shutterstock.

Hanbury and Keith’s homes, Houghton Hall and Anmer Hall respectively, are located in Norfolk, England, within walking distance of each other. Because of this, as well as the fact that friends live alongside other members of the British elite and, as such, regularly communicate with them, their group has become nicknamed “Turnip” The media will most likely excavate villagers of their homes and their class.

6. Hanbury and Keith are patrons of the same charity.

In addition to being friends for over ten years, Hanbury and Kate still patrons of one of the charitable organizations, Children’s Hospice of East Anglia. The group is dedicated to helping children and young people living in life-threatening conditions and supporting families in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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This article was originally published on March 27th.

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