What’s next for Chris Evans to hang the Marvel Shield for good?

Tytler is best known for his heroic performances. Captain America., Chris Evans It has become a household name all over the world. When Evans appeared. Steve Rogers In 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger, Little did anyone know that he would keep our screens happy for almost a decade. Our star featured Man in more than 10 Marvel projects with a single project, including three solo films around his on-screen character.

But all good things must come to an end, so it’s no surprise that Chris Evans eventually had to hang his vibranium shield. And although many Marvel fans are saddened by his departure, we haven’t seen the last of them talking about both the movie and the silver screen. Here is a list of everything that Chris Evans is doing as Captain America.

Put him in the superhero family.


Despite leaving MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Evans maintained his relationship with fellow stars. Meet the black widow herself, Chris Evans is ready to play against Scarlett Johansson. In Apple TV’s upcoming project. the ghost. Evans and Johnson have worked together in several theaters, including 5 Marvel movies and 2 comedies. No strangers to the love interest, the two will play romantic roles in the action-adventure film directed by Dexter Fletcher. Fans are thrilled to see the two come together to give us a glimpse of the famous Romanoff and Rogers Potenel that we could get at MCU.

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Retreat in a cape.


Although Chris Evans has been seen for his live action performances, he is ready to go into the world of animation. One of the most popular toys of our childhood, Evans Pixar’s upcoming film will feature Buzz Light Air. Light year. Reaching theaters in 2022, This prequel movie revolves around a young pilot and beyond. In the original story we didn’t know we needed, Evans would play the role of a human space ranger who created an astronomical phenomenon. And we know that. Toy Story There was a perfect trilogy but the network just doesn’t let go and keeps giving us more. So it’s good that instead of making another sequel that we don’t need, they decided to add that in times of need, our favorite space man can have a fun look.

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Another brave reunion.


It doesn’t matter where he goes, Chris Evans can’t escape his patriotic past. Directed by the famous Russo Brothers, who also directed the films Captain America and Avengers. Evans is set to play Lloyd Hansen in the film.That gray man. The film, starring Ryan Gosling, revolves around a deadly battle between two former CIA operatives. One of the biggest budgets of any Netflix movie, this movie aims to be the next franchise on the rise. Based on Mark Granny’s novel of the same name, hopefully this is the beginning of a popular series in filmmaking.

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A sad strange opportunity.

Intro Import

Chris Evans’ name appears in many aspects of the film. And the mysterious Bermuda Plan is no exception. Although a lot of information about the film is being kept secret, it is said that Evans could possibly be ready for Scott Dirkson’s lead role in Bermuda. Despite long attempts to make this film, the current status of the film is still in the writing (or in this case, rewriting) stage. But if the film ever makes it onto the big screen, if you’re a fan of Evans, look for Dr. Fisk.

Uncertified musical moment.

Small Shop-Off-Horror-Productions-Lede.

Although nothing is in the rock yet, Chris Evans is in talks to work on an upcoming Broadway show mode film. Fear little shop.. Warner Bros. is secretly developing the project, so many casts are yet to be announced. However, rumors are rife that Chris Evans may be ready for Orion Scrivello, a bold and vibrant dentist who is also Audrey’s sadistic boyfriend. The film could possibly reunite him with Marvel co-star Scarlett Johansson as he is rumored to be ready for the lead role. And when it debuted on Broadway, as the police present the bill. Lobby hero (With a terrible mustache), since then he has been quiet in theater characters so this may be what he needs to get back to the roots of his stage.

Possible return?


The end of Chris Evans’ Marvel contract and the successor to his role took over, we all thought this was the last time we saw him (MCU War, ie). But not everything is as it seems, as Marvel’s new rumors suggest that we may see the return of someone close to our hearts and loved ones. Russia has teased him before. Chris Evans “Not Yet” When asked, combined with rumors of his return in “some form” and the formation of Multiverse, our first avenger is not out of the question. We can see the return of Old Man Steve in the newly announced. Captain America 4., Or even look at a different universe, Steve Rogers made his debut. Never say never.

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How well do you know America’s hero, Captain America?

Is the cape also your favorite avenger? Do you know where he grew up? Or how did he become the greatest soldier ever?

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