What’s up with Rockstar’s winner: INXS JD Fortune?

Competition shows have the ability to make stars out of their competitors by being watched by millions of fans. These people do things differently. Stars like David Archuleta make big fortunes, stars like Ruben Studdard continue to make music, and some, like Antonella Barba, are arrested.

Rock star was a singing show looking for the next great rock frontman, and the competition was fierce. JD Fortune won the show’s first season and his life has undergone major changes since then.


Let’s take a closer look Rock star and how things turned out for JD Fortune after the victory.

“Rockstar” was a show contest for rock artists

During the 2000s Rock star made its way onto the small screen and it was a vocal competition show aimed at rock fans of all ages. Rather than spreading love for other genres, this show was about finding a rock singer who could take the reins of a major band.

There will be two seasons of the show, each with a different band. The first season was looking for a new singer for INXS, and the second season was about finding a singer for the Rock Star Supernova supergroup. The band for the last season included rock icons such as Tommy Lee and Jason Newsted.

The premise of the show was familiar enough and there was plenty of talent in each season. Naturally, rock fans tuned in and supported their favorite singers on their way to potential victory and a place in a major record group.

This is what ultimately put JD Fortune in first place to win the show’s first season and get the concert of a lifetime.

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JD Fortune became the lead singer of INXS

In 2005, JD Fortune was able to outlast the rest of the show and take the place of the lead singer of INXS. Suddenly, the unknown Fortune found herself in a large rock group, and at first the guys had a lot of positive moments.

The band soon found success with songs such as “Pretty Vegas” and “Afterglow,” and suddenly INXS was thriving again. Fortune played an important role in the revival of the band and it was hoped that more hits would be on the horizon.

Unfortunately for Fortune and his time with the band, things didn’t end well.

In 2009, Fortune claimed that the group dumped him at the airport after being kicked out of the group, but the group has denied this statement

“We are not only shocked by the statements, but even the location where the alleged incident should have occurred is also a mystery to the band,” said record company chief Chris Murphy.

Now both sides have reconciled, and Fortune has joined the guys again. However, he subsequently received his travel documents after being replaced by Ciaran Gribbin.

It’s been years since Fortune won the show and eventually parted ways with INXS, and people would be interested to know what he’s up to now.

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JD Fortune supports the dream

So what is singer JD Fortune up to now? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Fortune has been busy making music in recent years.

The singer may not have been a regular member of INXS, but he still continued his music business. Fortune has posted some of their latest releases on their social media accounts that fans will surely love.

Not only did Fortune do a lot of solo work, he was also the frontman of his own group, Fortune. It sounds like the singer had a lot better with this group than with INXS.

When talking about it Fortune said a while ago, ‚ÄúThere was a two-year period when I hadn’t even heard of the band. I just kept on writing. It feels like I’ve never even been to INXS. Good luck all the time because we all get along so well. We had a conference call last night and we talked about how much we miss each other and how we just play together. When we play we Indeed play and make songs stars. “

Obviously, music has always played into the singer’s hands, no matter how things turned out with INXS.

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He never turned into a rock star as the show’s title slipped away, but JD Fortune continued to rock and pursue his passion for music.

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