‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans wonder about Vanna White’s role

By going to the r/WheelOfFortune subreddit, u/CourtK1212 started talking about Vanna White’s role in Wheel of Fortune by saying, “In today’s society where women are more than just showgirls, is she really needed anymore? Do you feel like the game would be different if the letters just appeared instead of She is going to activate it? I know she filled in for Pat when he was sick; it would be great to see them as co-hosts or something like that. Give her more important work than just looking pretty.”

you / asiandawgshy responded that while the technology exists to flip the letters, the presence of a real person gives the show a more human feel. you / angelamartini also offered his opinion and responded that White is actually adding a lot more to the show than just flipping through the letters and does not acknowledge the anti-women sentiment highlighted in the original post. They then wondered what the show would be like without the interactions of Pat Sajak and White. u/wheelmasterdave also agreed and said that when Sajak was away for the operation, White acted as the host, and a man in a Minnie Mouse costume took her place and gestured over the letters, instead of walking around the board and leafing through them personally, which shows that the technology really is.

Other Reddit user added: “It’s not about whether they CAN do it. Pat and Vanna are GREAT. Decades of tradition (and high ratings) show that they do exactly what people want. She allegedly earns over $10 million a year. pay her that if it doesn’t make financial sense. People want Pat and Bath.”

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