When I Want 2nd Baby With Artem Chigvintsev

Keep her options open! Nikki Bella The door did not close at the reception of another child. Artem Chiguentsev..

“I told Artem … ‘When I’m 39, if we feel good and comfortable in life and you really want to have a little girl or some other girl, and I think it All right, we can do it. ‘ Tomorrow Bella. The star, 37, was exclusively named. We are weekly. Promoting the re-launch of “The Bells Podcast” on Monday, October 11. “I wish we had a second, [to have it] At exactly 40 or just before 40.

When Nikki Bella wants a second child with Artem Chiguventsev: We're enjoying time with Matthew
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The California native is already a mother. Beta Matthew, 14 months, and currently “enjoying. [her] Time “with the toddler.

“He’s my best friend,” said the former professional wrestler. We. “I just want to be with my son this time. I don’t want any other child to interfere because I go to him.” [my sister Brie Bella’s] Householder and I are like, ‘That’s a lot. Boy, do you change it?

Athlete’s twin, 4-year-old daughter Birdie and Son Buddy, 14 months, with her husband, Daniel Bryan.“These are two different bedtime routines. You feel like you’re making routines all day,” she said.

Bad, as part of it, having children and In October 2020, its tubes were tied.. For now, he and Nikki are loving life with their three young children.

When Nikki Bella wants a second child with Artem Chiguventsev: We're enjoying time with Matthew

Nikki Bella and Artem Chag Vintsev. Rob Letter / Shutter Stock.

“They’re growing very fast, but they’re growing just like that,” Barry said. We On the feet of Matthew and Buddy, who were born in less than 24 hours. “We’re like, ‘They’re twins!’ They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. [it]. They both climb the same sofa; and jump. They are wild and fearless. “

He noted that his nephew was a “more sensitive” child for both of them, adding that “Buddy is already a wrestler.”

In addition to raising their children, Barry and Nikki are also focusing on reshaping their podcast, which relaunches on Wednesday, November 3 on Ceres XM’s Selcher.

“We are late. [our return] Because we’re really working hard with our new team and ourselves on how we can make this podcast better than ever. We. “We want you to tune in every week. [for you to be] Carrying something, even if it’s a lot of laughter, something impressive. [or] Something that makes your day even better. “

With reporting by Christina Grebaldi.

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