When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022? That’s all we know

Nordstrom has just announced the dates for its annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which will feature thousands of discounted items from fashion, beauty, home and more. As this is the retailer’s biggest sale of the year, it’s the best time to shop for everything you need at prices worth the investment.

Doing your homework is essential if you want to get the most out of a sale, so consider this an organizational chart. From dates to designers, here’s everything you need to know about the Nordstrom 2022 Anniversary Sale before it starts.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022?

Unlike regular sales where retailers sell old or out-of-season items (such as winter down jackets on sale in mid-June), the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a two-week period where anything goes. Think of it the same way as deals offered on Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, where items are only deductible for a limited time. Items included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale range from new designer items to beauty items that are rarely discounted. After the end of the sale, many items may return to their full retail value. For your information, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is available both in stores and online at nordstrom.com.

When can I shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview starts on June 29th. Not only will this give you an idea of ​​what items will be on sale, but Nordstrom will also share the latest trends, key pieces, outfit inspiration, and stylist tips they want you to know about.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens by tier throughout July. The earliest you can purchase items on sale depends on your Nordstrom customer status, which means how much money you lost as a Nordstrom cardholder in the last year. For example, Icon Members are in the Top Tier category and will be able to shop up to two weeks earlier than regular people. The sale will open to the public on July 15th and close on July 31st.

Check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale access dates here:

  • Early Access Icon: July 6-14
  • Ambassador Early Access: July 7-14
  • Influencers Early Access: July 9-14
  • Open to all: July 15-31

Note: Each phase starts at 00:01 EST.

What is included in the sale?

More than 1,000 items will be discounted during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, with participating brands including Nike, Ugg, Charlotte Tilbury, Olaplex and HydroFlask. Keep in mind that items and top-ups will be updated every day, so you can check the site daily to see if new items have been added.

Who can shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Do you need a Nordstrom card?

You do not need to be part of the Nordstrom Loyalty Club, also known as member of Nordi Club– to participate in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. However, there are perks if you. As we already mentioned, having a card determines when you can make sales. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is infamous for selling out merchandise, so early access could decide your purchase or ruin it. If you plan to spend, consider register to become a member and receive a $40 bonus on your future purchase (restrictions may apply).

Are there any early Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals?

Nordstrom hasn’t revealed which items will be included in the sale (remember, the preview starts June 29th!). Until then, bookmark our wishlist of items we hope will make it to the Anniversary Sale below. (And if you Indeed can’t wait check it out current clearance section or store Nordstrom’s Mid-Year Sale, which kicked off last week during Memorial Day weekend.)

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