When will Kylie Jenner’s second child be born?

REALITY star Kylie Jenner is expecting her second child with boyfriend Travis Scott.

Jenner made the headlines when she managed to hide her first pregnancy from prying eyes for nine months, subsequently surprising fans with the news of her daughter’s birth.


Kylie Jenner reportedly pregnant with her second child

When will Kylie Jenner’s second child be born?

On September 7, 24-year-old Kylie Jenner announced her second pregnancy with Travis Scott on Instagram.

In what fans have called a touching video, Jenner reveals herself with a positive pregnancy test and shows it to her ex-boyfriend and baby father, 30-year-old Travis Scott, as well as her mother, Kris Jenner.

The video said she had “days” left before she could hear a heartbeat, and she also included a photo showing her tummy.

A source told Kristen Bell Tattoos that Kylie Jenner’s due date should be somewhere in early 2022.

Famous sisters Kylie commented on the post, wishing to congratulate her, and fans began to insist that sister Kourtney Kardashian followed suit with her boyfriend Travis Barker.

Jenner first sparked pregnancy rumors in late June when she didn’t seem to drink tequila during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion.

A few days later, fans noticed that she was eating sushi that seemed to have no fish at all, just avocado.

However, Jenner seemingly dispelled rumors by filming her exercising in a tight sports bra and leggings and drinking wine with friends.

Jenner began posting photos on her Instagram in November, showing off her growing tummy on an evening date and at a softball game.

She hasn’t shown any additional photos since Nov 4, but a source said USA weekly On December 6, Jenner and Scott calmly prepare for the birth of their baby at home.

“Kylie and Travis are hiding at home together, preparing together for the birth of a baby,” the source said.

“Travis was very supportive throughout my pregnancy, but now he spends even more time with Kylie as a family.”

On January 6, 2022, Kylie went to Instagram will post pregnancy news with a belly sticking out from unbuttoned jeans.

She signed the post: “I am a woman,” flaunting her tummy.

What did Kylie Jenner say about her first pregnancy?

Jenner hid the news of her first pregnancy by dressing in baggy clothes, sharing old photos on Instagram and staying away from prying eyes.

After Stormi was born on February 18, 2018, Jenner shared a YouTube video of her pregnancy dedicated to her daughter, announcing important news to fans.

Revealing the news, she explained to Andy Cohen her decision to remain silent about the pregnancy.

“I’ve shared so much in my life. I was also very young when I got pregnant, and for me personally it was a lot, ”said Kylie.

“I didn’t know how I would also bring this to the public and listen to everyone’s opinion. I think it was just something I had to go through myself. “

Jenner hasn't announced pregnancy yet


Jenner hasn’t announced pregnancy yetCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

What fans are saying about Kylie Jenner’s second pregnancy?

A Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan tweeted, “So, rumor has it that Kylie is going to appear at the Met Gala in September with a belly show as an ad. Let’s start placing bets. “

Another said, “If Kylie is pregnant, I can imagine how to announce the meeting at the gala.

“It’s like her designer is designing a dress to announce her pregnancy as an excessive moment because the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works even harder.”

The third suggested: “Hear me out, Kylie will announce her pregnancy at the gala.”

The fourth answered: “The child will be called Thunder.”

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