When will we get a sequel?

On average, there is a four-year hiatus between the launch of each major Far Cry game. Far Cry 2 was released in 2008, four years after the original game was released. In 2012, four years after its predecessor, Far Cry 3 was released. Far Cry 4, widely regarded as the best in the series, debuted in 2014, just two years after Far Cry 3, marking the fastest turnaround. The window between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5, released in 2018, brought the series back to its traditional four-year gap, with Far Cry 6 following three years after that in 2021.

Following this pattern, fans of the Far Cry series will likely have to wait until 2025 before Ubisoft releases the next installment. At best, gamers may see another Far Cry installment in 2023. But given what developers of new technologies now have at their disposal, especially a big budget company like Ubisoft, it’s fair to assume that studios are in no hurry to explore these next-gen possibilities. Without factual information about the sequel to Far Cry 7, players shouldn’t expect a quick transition between it and Far Cry 6. However, this timeline will not apply to any expansions or spin-offs that Ubisoft may decide to release in the interim.

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