Where have you seen the Munsters cast before?

Fans of the 1964 series know Hermann Munster well as the family’s patriarch and Lily’s husband. Created by Victor Frankenstein, he moved to Transylvania where he met his wife and then moved with the rest of his family to the US. The role was created through an iconic performance by Fred Gwynn, but other actors including Richard Long and John Shack portrayed the character in later TV movies. Jeff Daniel Phillips starring in Rob Zombie’s film as Herman, with character designs that are generally very true to the original look (via Yahoo).

Phillips made his first film appearance in 1991 with an uncredited role in Son of Darkness: To Die for 2 and later appeared in Sneakers and Peephole. Subsequently, he had roles in a number of television series, including “Beyond Faith: Fact or Fiction”, “Confrontation” and “Agents of SHIELD”, and he is also remembered for the role of Tenderloin in four episodes of “Westworld”. However, the actor is best known for his portrayal of a caveman in a series of Geico commercials that later turned into an infamous failed TV sitcom called The Cavemen. Film school rejects). The Munsters is Phillips’ fifth collaboration with Zombie after roles in Halloween 2, The Lords of Salem, 31 and 3 From Hell.

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