Where is Kylie Jenner’s prom date Albert Ochoova now?

In 2017, Kylie Jenner, 24, starred in one. O! It’s called the Bandit Series. Kylie’s life.. Her fans were all excited about the truth because they would finally get to know her real. In the very first installment, Continuing Kardashian. Star He opened up about his insecurity., As well as missing out on “normal” life events like going to a prom.

She then went on a prom date with 17-year-old Albert Ochova, a junior at Rio Americanco High School. At the time, 19-year-old Jenner said of Ochoa, who was bullied at school and her request was rejected, “I have a soft spot for expelled because I can guess I’m older. I have been. ”

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Sympathetic fans praised the reality star who helped the high school get his revenge. But after the episode aired, Ochowa – now 21 – revealed it. Currently pregnant beauty mogul In a way, he was haunted by what really happened there, and what Ochoa has been up to these days.

How Ochoa scored a date with Jenner.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Kylie Cosmetics. After the rejection, the founder may have sent a long message detailing his background that Jenner was touched enough to go to the prom with him. Someone from Ocha High School tweeted, “Kylie Jenner went to the Rio Prom tonight with the guy my sister refused.”

He added: “(For the record he turned it down. BC It was his friend’s older brother but still)” It was clearly a good night for Ochoa – everyone on it, Jenner, and Jordan. I was looking at Woods who also tagged with him. They were even celebrating her name, not Jenner’s. In some Kylie’s life. Clips, Ochowa was caught saying, “I can’t believe this is happening,” as he and Jenner posed for selfies with their colleagues.

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What really happened after the prom?

Broadcast after prom coverage. Kylie’s life., Ochwa said. Tan Vogue That all his friends were “surprised” about him. “After the prom, everyone wanted to be my friend. I never expected so much attention overnight,” he added. Of course, it also got a lot of attention online. “It was a little overwhelming at first but … it’s interesting to talk to people all over the world!”

Ochoa also admitted that although Jenner had boosted his confidence, they had not spoken to each other since that magical night. “It would be nice to hear that,” he said. But don’t worry, Ochoa didn’t take it personally. He even said. O! News That Jenner is “a really cute and real person.”

“When you look at it on shows and things, you don’t really see it face to face,” he added. “And I really thought she was sweet and real.” When asked if he went to kiss her late that night, he said he “didn’t really try.” Then, with a shy smile, he added that he was “a perfect gentleman.”

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What has Albert Ochowa done in 2021?

While Jenner has made great strides since 2017 – expanding his business, meeting Travis Scott, and being stormy – Ochoa has not forgotten about that night. He still wrote “of of lifeofkylieone on ulhulu” on his Instagram bio and has been keeping the stories to himself since that night. Some of her 211K followers keep tagging her on clips. Kylie’s life. Installment.

But despite her mixed feelings about being an immediate celebrity at the time, Ochoa has now learned to live with her. He often shares gym photos, makes promotional posts, and tries to impress his fans with some inspiring captions. He also created a YouTube channel three years ago. Although so far, it has only 2.57K followers and 12 videos, it still has a lot of supporters who enjoy getting updates about their current lives.

A few months ago, he wrote on Instagram: “I remember being picked up at school and having no friends. And I’m still smiling.” He also shared a story from a boxing session entitled: “Shout out to my brother to prepare me for the big things to come soon” “Looks like we’ll see him fight in the ring soon.” And for everyone who was wondering – yes he’s still single and “despite all the things he said I wouldn’t be and can’t be”, according to his latest Instagram post.

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