Where was Cassadie Pope after winning the Voice in 2012?

It seems that once upon a time when Cassadie Pope defeated Sound during the third season of the hit NBC show. Pope ended up in line for four chairs, who got into Blake Shelton’s team and saw it through. CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguilera fought hard for the pop country singer, but Shelton won her over with his southern charm.

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The two of them had amazing dynamics, and he even let her sing his touching song “Over You”, which he wrote with his ex-wife Miranda Lambert. She is one of many exes Voice contestants to be successful in the music industry after participating in the show.

6 Cassady Pope’s career began

After winning the reality show contest, Cassady Pope’s career took off. The country performer quickly rose to the top of the charts and toured with great musicians. Pope signed to a major record label in Nashville, which made her music career skyrocket. Her 2013 solo hit “Wasting All These Tears” Sound star on the map. Many have the opportunity to win a singing show, but few can succeed after the lights and cameras are out. Cassadi Pope has definitely made a name for herself in the music industry over the past nine years.


5 Cassady Pope moved to Nashville

Once Cassady Pope signed with the Big Machine Label Group, she boarded a plane and flew to Nashville, Tennessee. It was here that her career took off and she began to turn into the artist she had always dreamed of. Opportunities arose, but Cassadi Pope’s path to glory was not an easy one.

4 Cassady Pope recorded “Think Of You” with Chris Young

She first toured with Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw and most recently Chris Young. In 2016, Pope released a duet track with the country star called “Think Of You.” Young’s recorded duo scored high scores and quickly skyrocketed to # 1 on the charts and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Duo / Group Country Vocal Performance. When things were getting better for Cassadie, she still felt like her voice was not heard on her record company. Pope left Big Machine Label after a stylistic disagreement over her next album.

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3 Cassady Pope became a freelance artist

Leaving such a major label and embarking on an independent career is a risky move. However, Pope felt like she had lost the real reason she loved singing at all and needed to find herself again. In 2017, Cassady Pope decided to part ways with her label and become an independent artist.

“All of a sudden, I was alone,” Pope, 29, said during an interview in Nashville. “There were many discoveries that year, many ups and downs. I took advantage of that and just wrote through it. “ Kassadi quickly realized how much she loved total creative control. “At first it was,“ Maybe I’ll record some songs and start promoting and showing them to people, ”and I thought,“ This is sound. ” Are you in the game or not? – Dad said. But before she knew it, she and her producer finished the entire album themselves. “Everything fell into place.”

2 Cassadie Pope’s Next Musical Era with “What The Stars See”

Cassadie Pope is thrilled to create the music she feels most authentic with Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town and songwriter Lindsay Ell. “It was the best studio experience; it was the greatest entertainment I have ever experienced, ”she breaks down. “I was so focused on staying authentic and doing what makes me happy. It definitely opened all these different doors in my brain when it comes to creativity and songwriting. “

Cassadie Pope took a break from music for several years and rediscovered her talent for dealing with the pandemic. This giant pause in reality was a way for Kassadi to return to old internal problems that may never have surfaced.

“I think the whole project and the way it is shaped is an album that really confronts things from my past that I have avoided writing about until now and allowed myself to be sad about it,” admits Pope. “The songs that came out because of this recognition.… I mean, these are the most powerful songs I’ve ever written, so I think the whole point of the album is to just allow yourself to feel whatever those feelings are, and not just survive, but thrive through that experience. ” …

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one Cassady Pope meets Sam Palladio

Love also knocked on Cassady Pope’s door with none other than Nashville star, Sam Palladio. The couple have been dating for four years now, and Sam even appeared on Cassady’s third album. He sang in the TV drama and sang in her song “California Dreaming”. Pope’s acoustic record “Rise and Shine” is dedicated to her loving boyfriend who helped her despite being dumped.

“I am very frank with my boyfriend about this,” she said. “He is very supportive and gives me everything I need to feel safe and satisfied. So you also need a partner to help you with this. I am very lucky to have it. “

The couple moved together in November 2019 to a beautiful residence in Nashville. Hopefully there will be wedding bells in the near future, as well as some more albums from this pop star!

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