Which ‘Black Punk’ member is the richest?

When it comes to music, pop scenes have always been a priority, topping the charts for decades, however, with foreign artists occupying American Airways. K-Pop, which first took a step towards mainstream music in the United States after the ‘Gangnam style’ of politics, which anyone can talk about!

The industry is full of some of the most epic entertainers from BTS, Girls Generation, Wonhu and of course, Black punk. The Girls Group, which consists of Lisa, Jenny, Roso and Jeso, has taken over the music scene, and rightly so! The group has released studio albums, single albums, and many EP releases, topping the list.

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Recently, women participated. His own black punk film., Which hit theaters last summer. Considering the group of girls high all the time, the fans have started thinking about how much they are worth. While we know Black Punk outperformed BTS. When it comes to their net worth, who comes up inside Black Punk?

Which member of Black Punk is the richest?

Black Punk was first signed with YG Entertainment in 2010 and worked hard to become one of the largest girls’ groups today. While being a K-pop star is obviously not an easy task, considering the training involved, it is clear that Jesso, Jenny, Lisa and Rosa have definitely paid the time to work to become the best. ۔

Despite being formed in 2010, the girls’ group did not actually make its debut until 2016. With six years of training under their belt, it is not surprising that women reached great heights, so easily that they are one of the largest operations in North America. . With great success in Asia, it was only a matter of time before Black Punk achieved international success, and now, with so much to do for this group, fans are curious about how much they cost, and the rich Who is the latest!

The whole group is said to be worth 40- $ 45 million, however, who is the richest member? This will be Lisa! Black Pink Star is no stranger to Spotlight, especially now that it has embarked on a solo career. According to reports, Lisa is worth 13 million.Jenny, Jesse, and Rose are estimated at $ 10 million each.

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Lisa’s official solo debut.

Although Black Punk has had great success as a group, it looks like they are acting like soloists too! Despite the fact that one or two breakout stars usually come into the mainstream after a solo career in the United States, the same cannot be said for a K-pop band.

Going it alone is a task that most members do at some point, and believe it or not, they all reach commercial success! Lisa is doing it right now, and the fans can’t be more excited. The singer went ahead and released. Her first singles album Titled, لالیسہ۔, And it is clear that he is ready for great things.

While this can often lead to animosity when group members go it alone, this is not the case for most pop groups. Roso, Lisa and Jeso have all gone alone, continuing to support each other as a group and as soloists.

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