Which cast member of ‘How to Avoid Murder’ has the highest salary besides Viola Davis?

How to avoid murder. (HTGAWM) After the success of both, it is a sign that Shonda Rimes has entered the legal drama. Gree’s anatomy. And Scandal. For the show’s lead role, Rhymes specifically chose a season actress as Oscar-winning Viola Davis.

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During the show, Davis received critical acclaim for his portrayal of law professor Analysis Keating. He broke his back while shooting an intimate scene.). As expected, Davis was also the highest paid cast member on the show throughout the series. In fact, it was reported. The actress was paid 250 250,000 per installment. (The same rate that Shandland star Kerry Washington received for her lead role. Scandal). Meanwhile, since this report was released, fans have also wondered which other HTGAWM cast member was paid the most after Davis.

On the show, Davis’ Analysis personally guides a group of ambitious law students who will continue to work with him throughout the series. And to put together the cast that made up this group, Rhymes and his team set out in search of some discovered talent. Among them was Mexican actress Carla Souza, who has worked in most Mexican shows and films until then. Oddly enough, Souza had no idea who Rhymes was at the time he was being considered for the part. “She helped with the audition because I wasn’t scared,” the actress pointed out. Interview with Refinery 29. “I wish I knew what I was going for.”

Meanwhile, Aaja Naomi King has made regular appearances in some series in the past but none of them really got stuck. Both ABC series. Black box And CW Emily Owens MD Canceled after only one season. By the time HTGAWM came around, King knew she wanted to be a part of it. This was especially the case when he learned that Davis had been cast as the main character in the series. “I’m sure I said I was going to die,” the actress commented during one. Interview with New York Times. “It’s like, ‘I’m done. That’s all I’ll ever need.’

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As far as Matt McGurry is concerned, he auditioned for the series, not really expected to be cast. The actor told Variety, “I was going out for pilots this year.” And I was like, “I don’t really think I’ll book anything.” The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Netflix Series Orange is the new black..

Both the actors may be among the top earners in the show.

While many of the actors in the show were relatively newcomers, there were also many veterans besides Davis. And while ABC has never released pay figures for the rest of the cast, the reason is that at least two of those veterans will receive the highest pay after Davis because they are in the series. Are also prominent.

Before casting as Analyst’s partner Bonnie Winterbottom, Lisa Wells starred Glamor Girls. And even appeared. West wing And medical drama ER. Over the years, the actress has also appeared in Rhymes Gree’s Anatomy, Private Practice., And Scandal. And so, it was time for Vail to finally become a regular in the Schundland series. Speaking to Star Mag, the actress remarked, “I’m always ready to be a part of anything that happens in Schundland.” “I’m leaving, I knew it was going to be a big ride and that you would be able to do a lot of things and go in all different directions. Nothing goes wrong with the characters. It’s always very interesting. “At the moment, Val is estimated at 3 million.

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On the other hand, one of the actors who was cast as a student of Analysys is Alfred Enoch who first Harry Potter The franchise and although he did not end up on the show until the end (he was killed), he left a lasting impression on Davis in particular. “He’s very confident and self-confident. He has such incredible integrity about his art,” Davis told Tan Vogue. “He seems to have been around the world and back.” Interestingly, Enoch is estimated at 3 million.

Meanwhile, since the show ended, many members of the cast have been pushing for other Hollywood projects. And if they ever return to Shundland, it is almost certain that they will be paid a lot more per installment. Now, fans just have to wait and see which HTGWM cast member will appear in one of Rhymes’ future shows.

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