Which Guns N ‘Roses member has the highest net worth?

Guns n ‘roses accomplished the unthinkable and reformed. At one time the biggest rock band on the planet Axl, Slash and the rest of the G&R team were once the kings of rock. Although their reign was short-lived, and their album catalog is rather superficial, the group nonetheless produced a variable mint for their members.

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But who of all the members of the glorious rock band, past and present, has the most greenery? With both G&R and other businesses that provide each respective member with a solid equity capital, this list wants to shed light on who has been the most fortunate over the years.

eleven Melissa Reese: fortune of $ 2 million

Melissa Reese became the first female participant Guns n ‘roses (and the youngest) back in 2016. Along with Guns N ‘Roses, Reese has worked with the likes of Buckethead, Brian Mantle (performed by Brian and Melissa) and composed part of the video game soundtrack. Notorious, as well as other music related to video games. The 31-year-old keyboard player has amassed a net worth of 2 million dollars thanks to her musical endeavors. The Seattle native dreams big and now has a matching bank account.


10 Richard Fortus: fortune of $ 3.5 million

Richard Fortus holds the honorary title of one of the longest-running members G&R (Besides Axl and Dizzy Reed.) Fortus played in bands such as Love Spit Love, Thin Lizzy and The Dead Daisies, and during this time managed to earn $ 3.5 million. Having played guitar for Guns since 2002, Fortus will almost certainly see his net worth grow before he is ready to hang up his guitar and drive off into the sunset.

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9 Gilby Clark: fortune of $ 5 million

The former rhythm guitarist (also short-lived) was given the task of replacing his long-time favorite rhythmman. Izzy Stradlin back in 1991. After the original Guns N ‘Roses disbanded, Clark continued to pursue success in his solo career, playing alongside Slash in Slash’s SnakePit and in particular to be part of Rockstar supernova… During his travels in the world of music, Clark has amassed a comfortable net worth of $ 5 million. Clarke did indeed join the group (consisting of Slash, Adler, McKagan, and Sorum) during the reunion for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

eight Matt Sorum: fortune of $ 10 million

Former Guns N ‘Roses drummer (before the breakup of the early 90s), Sorum replaced Stephen Adler in 1990. Playing drums for Guns N ‘Roses and ultimately Velvet Revolver, Sorum earned a solid net worth of $ 10 million. Currently touring with a supergroup Chaos KingsMatt keeps yelling about “skins” when he’s not wasting his accumulated wealth.

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7 Stephen Adler: fortune of $ 15 million

Stephen Adler was the first drummer Guns n ‘roses… Part of the group’s debut album, Lust for destructionAdler, unfortunately, saw his days with the group come to an end due to a grueling struggle with addiction. If you become a member of one of the world’s most famous brands and the most popular band of its era, it will undoubtedly bring you significant changes. Indeed, the drummer has earned a colossal $ 15 million for myself over the years. After several reality TV appearances and collaborating with former G&R bandmate Slash on his solo album, Adler was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with fellow Guns members.

6 Izzy Stradlin: fortune of $ 28 million

Another original G&R member and co-founder of the specified group, Izzy Stradlin was a childhood friend Axl Rose back to Indiana. After reaching sobriety in the early 90s, Stradlin left the group, finding it unacceptable for the use and tension in the group.… The former rhythm guitarist has no shortage of money, however, as he has accumulated net worth $ 28 million with his work at G&R as well as other ventures such as playing with Ju Ju Hounds, a solo run and a short G&R reunion (he also co-wrote the songs for Velvet Revolver’s debut album).

5 Frank Ferrer: fortune of $ 32 million

Ferrer started banging drums for Guns n ‘roses back in 2006. The Brooklyn native has contributed to Chinese democracy album and the band’s current drummer. In his career, he played with The Beautiful, Psychedelic Furs (with fellow G&R Richard Fortus), Love, spit, love, among others. The drummer mammoth is no stranger to wealth by earning a cool dollar.32 million over the years thanks to his musical prowess.

4 Dizzy Reed: fortune of $ 40 million

Original G&R guitar player, Dizzy, joined the group back in 1990, although his relationship with the group dates back to 1985. Reed was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside his bandmates G&R in 2012, but did not attend the ceremony. Reed is one of the longest-serving band members and has amassed net worth for his trouble. $ 40 million. Not too shabby.

3 Duff McKagan: fortune of $ 80 million

Founding member of both Gun n ‘roses and a velvet revolver, Duff has been lifting the bottom for over 30 years. Rolling and groove on the bass allowed him to amass a pretty hefty amount $ 80 million… With several albums and a legendary musical career under his belt, McKagan possesses the immense wealth of a legendary musician.

2 Slash: $ 100 million

Slash is one of the greatest icons of rock music. After all, if you can make a guy like Jason Mamoa nervous when you hang out with him and Amber Rose decides to name her baby after you, you’re a big deal, aren’t you? Slash has been tearing it up on stage since the mid-80s and in that time has made a fortune for himself and his family. V G&R and guitarist Velvet Revolver has piloted his own solo performances as well as passed on his skills to other artists’ albums. What can he show for this? $ 100 million net worth. Keep on lighting.

one Axl Rose: $ 230 million fortune

When compiling a list of the best rock musicians of all time W. Axl Rose will definitely be at the top of the list. The singer was a typical leader Guns n ‘roses (each iteration) for years, and fans were overjoyed when the group finally reunited. Price $ 230 million. With that kind of money, Rose might hire someone else to fade in this cold November rain … (sorry).

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