Which of the creators of South Park has a higher cost?

Animation shows aimed at an adult audience seem commonplace these days, but it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when there weren’t many shows like this, which meant getting good like The Simpsons or Family man was a pretty big deal.

Since the 1990s. South Park was an integral part of the small screen, thanks in large part to its outstanding creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The duo have done incredible things together and this has led to them making millions.


However, only one can claim a higher net worth. Let’s see who it is!

South Park is a classic

Looking at the history of small screen animation shows, it’s incredibly difficult to find one that is as popular, influential, and successful as South Park… The show, which debuted back in the 1990s, was major on television and continues to air with each new season.

The series was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who were never afraid to go outside the box. He always had an advantage, and this caused a lot of controversy. This, however, has helped the show gain press attention over the years. By combining this press with quality writing, fans of the show continued to tune in and support it.

With more than 20 years of success, Parker and Stone are a duo that has managed to thoroughly conquer television. This alone is amazing, but the money they made is even more impressive.

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Trey Parker is worth $ 600 million

In accordance with Celebrity Net WorthTrey Parker is currently worth $ 600 million, a staggering amount anyone in the industry can amass.

Parker voices many characters in South Park, including Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman, and he has voiced several characters in Command America: World Police and Balthazar Bratt in 2017’s Despicable Me 3. He also played Alferd Packer in Cannibal. ! The Musical, Joe Young in Orgasmo and Joe Cooper in BASEketball, and he also appeared in Run Ronnie Run! “(2002) and” Tales from the Fool “(2004)”. Celebrity Net Worth

Parker and Stone are such a dynamic duo, and the fact that even one of them made $ 600 million is truly remarkable.

As good as it is that Trey Parker has more money than anyone on the planet would need, he still lags far behind what Matt Stone has been able to make in his years on television.

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Matt Stone is worth $ 700 million

According to people in Celebrity Net WorthMatt Stone is currently worth $ 700 million, which puts him $ 100 million higher than his mate. South Park creator. Sure, this is a surprise, but it shows Matt is taking steps.

As part of their generalization, Celebrity Net Worth noted that “Stone voices many characters in South Park, including Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch, and he has voiced several characters in Team America: World Police. He also played James Humphrey in Cannibal! “. The musical, World Boyfriend Dave in Orgasmo and Doug Roemer in BASEketball, and he has appeared in Run Ronnie Run! “(2002) and” Electric Apricot: Finding Festero “(2007)”.

The site will also highlight some of the important projects that Stone has helped implement over the years, which has undoubtedly helped his net worth.

Stone’s fortune has a lot to do with what he did on television, but that doesn’t stop him from taking steps outside of the entertainment world. Surprisingly to some, Stone turns out to be someone who knows a thing or two about making money from real estate.

Per Money Inc., “Over the years, he has made money on his coinage property, and no more than when he made a cool million in 2019 on his New York property. Dirt.com reports, South Park The creator also owns many other properties, including one in Venice Beach, which is currently selling for an impressive $ 4.5 million – one million more than he paid for it in 2005. ”

This is truly impressive, and it has certainly helped him grow his net worth to a whopping $ 700 million.

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Boys who created South Park have made unthinkable amounts of money, but when you put it all together, Matt Stone comes out on top.

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