While shopping with Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato trolled for weight and multi hair extensions.

The singer looked out and was about to go on a shopping spree together Of Cooking with Paris Star. Before joining Hilton, Lovato had to go inside the Dolls Kill store in Los Angeles waving cameras, where the two browsed for Halloween costumes.

As their day out, the pair looked as radiant as ever; Paris Hilton wore a bright neon green mini dress, paired with matching sunglasses, a black slatto boot, and a black purse with a skull design. Demi, on the other hand, opted for cool, loose flannel shirts and black tights with platform shoes. When Hilton turned her hair into a ponytail, Demi played a multi-hair stove, prompting a mixed reaction from her fans.

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Demi Lovato’s fans are confused by her choice of clothes

Demi, who appeared as a non-binary. He has been a close friend of Paris since the beginning of this year and he / she uses his / her conscience, since Socialite appeared in his music video. No apologies In 2017. After Demi and Paris were shopping, the pair left to get in Hilton’s car together.

Some of Demi’s fans were stunned by her public appearance, and her Mullet extensions were rejected. Trolls also annoyed Lovato to gain weight despite the singer’s previous revelation He described his struggle with eating disorders..

“Wow he gained weight !! One person wrote.

“It’s just not okay to get Mullet extensions,” wrote in another comment.

Another added, “Not the best look for Demi, not the love of hair, but Demon Paris is living her best life there.”

“Demi is beautiful except for that hair. What’s happening …” Read a comment.

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Many Lovato fans came forward to defend him. “The OMG girl has overcome her eating disorders, let her live,” one fan defended Lovato.

“She was cured of an eating disorder and was battling drug addiction and mental illness. I don’t know of a single person who has not struggled with mental illness or anything. A fan.

In a recent episode of his show. Unknown with Demi Lovato, The singer shared his strange efforts to communicate with foreigners and ghosts. Lovato sang and. Tried to reach the souls facing “trauma”, And Internet users were trolled by those whose songs could cause an “alien attack”.

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Demi Lovato’s 20 photos I wish Disney Execs flatter

Like it or not people, whether Demi keeps it genuine and true fans will always appreciate her honesty and openness.

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