Whitney Cummings has been criticized for making rude jokes in a Christie Tegan latest promotion post.

* Warning: This article discusses eating disorders *

Chair tag He has promoted his social professional endeavors, but it’s a joke about Whitney Cummings who stole the show.

Tegan’s production company Suite & Thai has partnered with HBO Max to bring a documentary about weight loss cult leader Gwen Chamblin Lara. The model shared this news with her followers.Including a documentary trailer. Way down – Gwen Chamblyn Lara’s fame and power increase..

Lara was best known for founding the Christian Diet Program, the Wet Down Workshop, and the Remnant Fellowship Church.

Chrissy Tegan has made a documentary about the diet cult leader.

“I am thrilled to announce a project that my production company HBOmax is working on – unveiling the mystery that destroys Gwen Chamblin Lara and her weight loss religious sect that has claimed so many lives. Has been destroyed. ” Tagin wrote..

The model and inspirational also shared a terrifying story about the timing of the filming, which is linked to Lara’s death earlier this year.

“During the late filming, we were shocked to learn that a private plane carrying her had crashed just outside Nashville, her husband and church leader. He added.

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Whitney Cummings weight loss jokes have mixed reactions.

The trailer includes footage of Lara testifying in court and it certainly looks like it will be a tough time. Comedian Whitney Cummings tried to ease the tension. One of his provocative jokes.

“Wait but how did they lose weight?” Cummings wrote, getting more than 600 likes.

But not everyone appreciated the joke. While some reacted with laughing emojis, others filled Cummings with negative comments about it being inappropriate, plus the misspelling “losing”.

“Through eating disorders,” one man replied coldly.

Another person said, “I am literally hungry. I was part of this group for a year and it left me with an inspiring view of God and a severe eating disorder.”

“Hahahahaha? !!

“When I read your comment, the first thing that came out of my mouth was a huge cockroach, but then I thought, ‘What if you’re asking a serious question?’ It is not surprising that the evangelical industry and the food industry will indeed be involved, “was another comment.

The Down – Gain Chamblin Lara’s Fame and Power Rise Releases on HBO Max on September 30

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