Whitney Cummings polygamy jokes in Chrissy Teigen’s birthday message to John Legend

Whitney Cummings Kidnapped Sweet Birthday Tribute Chrissy Teigen came out for her eight-year-old husband, singer John Legend.

Cummings, who used to puzzle fans with dark jokes on Teigen’s Instagram, hinted that he is interested in being part of one of the most revered couples in show business.

Whitney Cummings jokes that she wants to be the wife of her sister Chrissy Teigen

It all started when Teigen posted a video to mark the 43rd anniversary of Legend on December 28.

In the GIF included in the post, they both pose for the camera together, sipping faces and exchanging kisses, while the model and cookbook writer even lick Legend’s cheek at some point.


“Happy birthday to me forever. I was lucky that I knew you 16 (!!) out of your 43 years, and I still wish that it was more. I chose the kindest person, the best father and the most talented person in the area, which is truly a testament to me! “Teigen joked.

“Be that as it may, I love you more than a signature can cover. More than a boomerang could argue. I love you, I love you, ”she continued.

After seeing the lovely couple, Cummings decided to leave a sassy comment to see if she could join.

“Oh, can we be Mormons without a sexual dimension,” the comedian wrote back.

Cummings clearly hinted that Mormons sometimes practice polygamy, and some men take more than one wife. Wives are called “sister-wives,” and they usually live together, caring for each other’s children, as the eponymous reality TV show has shown since 2010.

Some of Teigen’s fans were embarrassed by Cummings’ comment, while others loved the joke and reacted with laughing emoticons.

“What a weird, dumb, * ss-hating comment,” one person wrote.

“Probably a rude comment about polygamy … she wants to be Chrissy’s sister’s wife without a sexual component,” added another.

As for Teigen, she disregarded the comment left by Cummings.

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Cummings Joked About Teigen’s Instagram Weight Loss

Earlier this year, the comedian and podcaster responded when Teigen shared a trailer for the documentary she directed for HBO Maxi.

The Way Down – Gwen Shamblin Lara’s Rise to Fame and Power follows the story of the leader of the weight loss cult, Lara, best known for her Weigh Down Workshop Christian diet program.

At the time, Cummings wrote, “Wait, how did they lose weight?”, Gaining over 600 likes.

Some appreciated the grim joke, while others thought it was insensitive to people with eating disorders.

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