Who are Sherry Shepherd’s children?

AFTER achieving mainstream popularity, Sherry Shepherd’s personal life has become the center of attention outside of her screen work.

In addition to hosting The View and her own titular FOX talk show, viewers are interested in learning more about Sherri and her life as a mother.


Sherry Shepherd and her first ex-husband Jeffrey have a son together.1 credit

Who are Sherry Shepherd’s children?

On April 22, 2005, Sherry Shepard and her then-husband Geoffrey Tarpley welcomed their first child.

When it comes to the couple’s son Jeffrey Jr., the couple has faced health issues due to the baby being born prematurely at just 25 weeks.

Prior to his premature birth, Sherry and Jeffrey suffered a loss when the TV presenter suffered a miscarriage and lost his twin sister, Jeffrey Jr.

Regarding her then new life as a mother, Sherry told her fans on MySpace, “I never knew a child could have the only power to take someone’s heart and enclose it in her little fist.

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“It’s funny how having a baby changes priorities. I work, but I don’t strain or fuss like I used to.

“Having a baby makes your heart more compassionate. I seem to care more about the world now that I have a child who will hopefully be here longer than I am.”

In 2009, she and Jeffrey moved to Splitsville and divorced, with the former retaining physical custody of their son.

As the years went by, the Emmy-winning star revealed that despite birth complications, Jeffrey Jr. is in good health.

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In fact, Sherry said PEOPLE that everything has changed and that it is Geoffrey who helps her with her health and fitness.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant recalled: “I had a vision: my five-year-old son was holding his teddy bear, and he was crying because he was trying to figure out where heaven was, because everyone said that his mother was there.

“It woke me up. Something about my son… I was shaken up and I said, “I have to make changes because I don’t want to die.”

“So he always cheers me up and I cheer up too because I can do more things with him and I have more energy.”

Following her divorce from Jeffrey, Sherry retained sole physical custody of Jeffrey Jr.


Following her divorce from Jeffrey, Sherry retained sole physical custody of Jeffrey Jr.Credit: Instagram/Sherrishepherd

Why is Sherry paying child support?

When Shepard filed for divorce from Sally in 2014, they signed a contract with a surrogate mother who was several months pregnant with their child.

However, Sally immediately sued Shepherd for alimony, and in 2015 the petition was granted.

At the time, it was reported that Shepherd received $4,100 in child support every month until the child was 13 years old, and then increased to $4,600 monthly.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in 2015, Shepard said she was afraid Sally would leave her if she didn’t go through with surrogacy.

“My situation was that I didn’t say what I needed, what I wanted, and what I didn’t want because I was afraid that someone would end the relationship,” she told the magazine.

“Everything has consequences, but I was afraid to say, ‘This won’t work for me. I do not want it”.

In 2017, Sally sued Shepherd again, saying she needed to pay more child support because her income had increased.

The judge denied Sally’s request, and Shepherd’s spokesperson said, “Now Shepherd is hoping her ex will stop his frivolous attempts to get more money from her and look for paid work to take care of his child like any other capable parent.”

Shepherd has no genetic connection to the child and is not involved in his life.

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