Who did the Harry Potter star meet?

Emma Watson played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise and has starred in many films since then.

The actress is known to hide her romantic life.


Emma Watson made famous in the Harry Potter franchise

Who did Emma Watson meet?

Francis Boole

Emma Watson and Frances Boole


Emma Watson and Frances BooleCredit: Getty Images.

Emma Watson and Frances Boole were briefly linked in early 2008, but he reportedly broke off to avoid being called “some child actress’s boyfriend.”

“I have always been an ambitious person and I want to achieve my own fame for what I have done,” he said at the time. Us weekly

Jay Barrymore

In August 2008, Emma was associated with British financier Jay Barrymore.

He is seven years her senior, and the two reportedly broke up seven months after they started dating.

According to sources at the time, the couple broke up due to distance – Emma was studying at Brown University at the time, and Barrymore was in England.

Raphael Sebrian

Emma Watson and Raphael Sebrian


Emma Watson and Raphael SebrianCredit: Getty – Author.

Emma and Raphael were spotted at a New York Rangers game in November 2009.

It is reported that she and the Spanish musician stopped working a few months later, in May 2010.

George Craig

Emma Watson and George Craig


Emma Watson and George CraigCredit: Getty Images – Getty.

The lead singer of the English group One Night Only, George Craig and Emma met on the set of a Burberry advertising campaign in 2010.

It was featured in his band’s music video for the song Say You Don’t Want It in July of that year.

Johnny Simmons

After filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower together, Emma and Johnny Simmons reportedly noticed kisses in August 2011.

“[They were] “hugging and hugging each other and kissing playfully,” a source told Us Weekly at the time.

The two allegedly broke up in November of that year.

Will Adamovich

Emma Watson and Will Adamovich


Emma Watson and Will AdamovichCredit: Getty Images.

Emma and Will Adamovich were seen kissing at the Coachella Music Festival in April 2012.

They studied together at Brown University and Oxford, and separated the following summer.

Matthew Jenny

In January 2014, Matthew Jenny and Emma were spotted together while on vacation in the Caribbean.

According to Emma in an interview with British Vogue, the breakup was “terrible.”

They reportedly made a mutual decision to break up after a year together.

Roberto Aguire

Emma Watson and Roberto Aguire


Emma Watson and Roberto AguireCredit: Getty Images – Getty.

Roberto Aguire and Emma Watson dated briefly in the summer of 2015 when he was doing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire internship.

They reportedly decided to remain friends and broke up in September of that year.

William “Mac” Knight

Emma has been involved with Knight for nearly two years after they were spotted together at a Hamilton performance on Broadway in October 2015.

They reportedly broke up at some point in 2017.

Chord Overstreet

Cord Overstreet and Emma were rumored to be dating in March 2018.

They weren’t together for long, but a source told Us Weekly at the time that the relationship was “a huge and positive change for him.”

“Emma intrigued the Accord,” the source said.

Brendan Wallace

Although information about them is not known, Emma and Brendan Wallace were seen kissing in October 2018.

Leo Robinton

Emma and Leo Robinton were first spotted kissing in October 2019, and his identity was confirmed the following April.

The two are reportedly staying together, and Emma introduced him to her parents shortly after they started dating.

“Emma has gone underground, she will settle down with Leo,” reports The Mail.

“They lie at the bottom. Maybe she needs a family. “

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