Who is Amanda Burton and is she returning to Silent Witness forever?

AMANDA Burton has a long history on British prime time television.

In May 2022, the legendary actress thrilled fans with her return to BBC One’s Silent Witness.


Amanda Burton is a famous actress best known for the movie Silent Witness.1 credit

Who is Amanda Burton?

Amanda Burton, 65, actress from Northern Ireland.

She is best known for her role as forensic pathologist Sam Ryan on Silent Witness and began her career as Heather Black on Channel 4’s Brookside.

Amanda, born in Londonderry, has always wanted to be an actress.

As a teenager, she left her home in Northern Ireland for Manchester to attend drama school.

Silent Witness fans are saying the same thing when Amanda Burton returns to the BBC drama.
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Amanda Burton returning to Silent Witness for good?

Amanda first appeared in the film Silent Witness as pathologist Sam Ryan in 1996.

She appeared in 54 episodes before leaving in 2004 when her character returned home to Northern Ireland to be with her family.

In May 2022, she returned to the show in the same role after an 18-year hiatus.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, she won’t be back full-time.

The actress told Radio Times: “Not. There is no more Silent Witness.”

She added, “It was so special and great and enough to be a part of this iconic 25th anniversary celebration.”

What TV series has Amanda Burton appeared in?

In 2021, Amanda played Catherine Maguire in the ITV series Marcella.

Her character is a powerful matriarch at the head of a crime family in Belfast.

Marcella filmed in Burton’s native Northern Ireland, which was a bitter experience for the actress.

Amanda told Glasgow Times: “This time we shot in places where it was simply not possible to shoot at that time.

“It was quite unusual and brought back a lot of emotional memories for me.”

Amanda played tough police commander Claire Blake in the ITV1 series The Commander.

In addition to crime drama, she played Beth Glover in Practice at the Peak and Karen Fisher in Waterloo Road.

Amanda also played a woman with terminal cancer in the 1998 BBC drama The Gift.

She had other television roles in The Whistleblower, Little Bird and the children’s drama Pollyanna.

Amanda starred in her first film in 2008, the crime biopic Bronson with Tom Hardy.

Is Amanda Burton Married?

Amanda married her first husband, theater technician Jonathan Hartley, in 1976.

The couple first met at Manchester Theater School, where they both studied.

They were married for six years before they divorced in 1982.

She later married photographer Sven Arnstein in 1989, but the couple divorced in 2004 amid rumors of his infidelity.

Amanda has been in a relationship with photographer Stephen Colover since 2008.

She said once: “I’m very in love and it’s pretty great. It’s like a light inside.

“Falling in love at this age is completely different because you are with someone, because you want to be with him or her and for no other reason.

“You’re not going to have children, and that changes everything.”

How many children does she have?

Amanda has two daughters, Phoebe Marie (born 1989) and Breed Irina (born 1991).

Breed is a writer and actress who wrote the screenplay for the short film Dog with a Woman, which starred her mother.

Phoebe is a photographer and filmmaker who directed the advertising campaign for David Beckham Fragrances.

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