Who is Anne Hathaway’s husband, Adam Schulman and what does he do?

Anne Hathaway Easily one of the greatest actors of our time! The star first became famous in 2001. He was cast as Mia Thermopolis. In the hit Disney movie, Princess diary, In which she appeared with the great, Dame Julie Andrews.

Following her success as an on-screen princess, Anne quickly made a name for herself, starring in Bridal Wars, The Devil’s Virus Parda, and Oceans 8. Despite doing amazing things in her career, Anne became a laughing stock when she and James Franco hosted the Academy Awards, both The worst host!

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While this may not have been a fun time for Hathaway, it did have a great support system to move it forward. Fortunately for the actress, her husband Adam Schulman has been by her side since their marriage in 2012.

Ann and Adam have been married for almost a decade.

When it comes to Hollywood royalties, Anne Hathaway has definitely found herself on the leaderboard. The actress has been giving some of her best performances since her on-screen debut in Disney’s The Princess Diaries. Making a film with Julie Andrews is a feat in itself, however, for Ann, it was her first film role, which made it all the more special.

In addition to the success she has had in her professional life, Anne Hathaway also scored a great deal when it came to her love life. The actress has been married to Adam Schulman since 2012, and the couple is set to celebrate their 10th birthday next year! Their love story first began in 2008. They met through mutual friends. At the Palm Springs Film Festival

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.Anne Hathaway revealed that she knew Adam was from the moment she looked at him. “I’m going to marry this guy!” He told the publication in 2014. “I knew he was the love of my life the second time I met him,” and alas, he was!

In November 2011, Schulmann raised the question with an amazing 6 carat diamond ring. The engagement party took place in New York City, and the couple got married in September 2012 in a private home in Big Pig, California. A total of 150 guests were present, all of whom witnessed Anne’s magnificent Valentino wedding dress in person.

The couple welcomed their first child, Jonathan in 2016, and their second, Jack, in 2019. Even in Buzz!

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Adam is also in the entertainment business.

Like Ann, Adam is an actor too! Although not seen in big blockbuster movies like Star Hathaway, she has found an impressive resume of acting. Appeared in shows like Adam. American Dream, Ricky and Flash., And West wing, Name a few. His most recognizable roles were in the television movie, Duke of Hazard: Beginning., Even playing some role behind the camera.

Adam co-produced with Jonathan Dame. Song one In 2014, in which Anne Hathaway originally appeared as the main character. Schulman also joined the hit movie with his wife, Witches Where he played a bad role. Although it would have been fun to work with them, the film itself received a great deal of response, with Ann publicly apologizing to people with disabilities for any “pain.”

She is also a jewelry designer.

As if acting, and production, weren’t enough, Adam Schlemann already worked and added the jewelry designer to his long list of abilities. The star also lives a long life as a jewelry designer, in fact, He owns his own company. Called James Banks Designs, he is actually partnering with his business partner, Heidi Nasser Funk.

According to Company website, Schulman and Funk work to create pieces that are unique, and they do so with “old world techniques such as hammers and forks, saws for piercing, rolling mills and droplets for baking sheets and wire, and For propane / oxygen torch soldering, “make it clear they’re not playing around!

Not only is Adam successful when it comes to many of his clients, but he has also had great success in creating custom pieces for movies. Schulman talked about Alice preparing her work pieces for The Looking Glass, while using her skills to customize Anne Hathaway’s engagement ring!

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