Who is Austin Kevich and is he dating Camila Cabello?

After a high-profile breakup with singer Shawn Mendes, Havana singer Camila Cabello met a new man on the arm – Austin Kevich.

Interestingly, Kevich bears a striking resemblance to Shawn Mendes.


Austin Kevitch founded Lux ​​Club exclusive app after hard breakup1 credit

So who is Austin Kevich?

Austin Scott Kevich was born July 5, 1991 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Andrew and Lisa Kevich. He has a sister Lindsey (28) and a brother Tristan (24).

In high school, Kevitch excelled in sports such as football, basketball, and track and field (track and field) at Germantown Academy.

In May 2010, Kevitch was selected as one of the top high school football players in the United States to play for the national football team, during which time he played against the French national team in the Global Bowl France tournament.

That same year, Kevich graduated from Brooknell University, a private institution in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

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Given his physique, Kevitch played cornerback for the Bucknell Bison varsity team.

During his course, the young man studied business management, computer engineering and psychology, and in 2013 spent a year studying psychology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

While at university, Kevitch began his professional career working as a product designer for Schooly, a software company that helps students secure scholarships.

After leaving Sholley in 2013, Kevitch co-founded software company Brighten, a social app that allowed users to send anonymous compliments to friends.

Kevich explained that Brighten was born from a tragedy when he lost one of his friends while climbing.

People shared happy memories of his friend on social media, but Kevitch realized that in life “we rarely tell our friends how much they mean to us. Instead, we wait until they leave.”

After over six years as CEO of Brighten, Kevitch co-founded dating app Lox Club in March 2020.

His fortune is estimated at 5 million dollars.

Austin Kevich and Camila Cabello Dating?

In the released photos, taken on Wednesday, June 15, Camilla Cabello appears to have moved on from her split with Shawn Mendes after a two-year relationship.

Rumor has it that the singer is dating Kevitch after she was photographed smiling on Wednesday night while walking with the founder of the dating app.

The photographs taken Page sixthe duo laugh and look relaxed as they spent the night together.

Even though there were such signs of PDA between the couple, they follow each other on Instagram.

Representatives for Camilla and Kevich have not yet commented.

In February 2022, Kevich confirmed that he is single but wants to date. Bustle:

“I definitely want a girlfriend, but being single also helps in running the Lox Club because I know all the pain points that single people experience and I know exactly what I would like in an app.”

“I think that when I live happily ever after with someone who runs off into Kristen Bell Tattoosset, I won’t be as good with all the annoying dating stuff.”

What is Loks Club?

Kevich launched an exclusive member-only dating app, Lox Club, during the pandemic after a difficult relationship breakup when his Jewish family urged him to find someone.

“I was at that age when my grandmother joked: “When are you going to bring home a beautiful Jewish girl?”

“I don’t like dating apps; they are very inorganic and clumsy,” Kevich said. “So I wanted to make a more fun, immersive experience where maybe you meet people as a by-product and don’t take it so seriously.”

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The app is intended for “Jews and non-Jews with ridiculously high standards.”

The app’s success has attracted investment from a number of personalities, including Atlanta rapper Lil Yahti and rapper Bhad Bhabi, known for his “Cash me out of the country” catchphrase.

Rumor has it that Camilla Cabello and Kevich are dating six months after her split from Shawn Mendes.


Rumor has it that Camilla Cabello and Kevich are dating six months after her split from Shawn Mendes.1 credit

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