Who is behind the iconic theme song Price Is Right?

The composer in question is Edd Kalehoff, and working on the theme music and lines for “The Price Is Right” was actually one of his first TV appearances. While there have been royalties and credits disputes over the years for the show’s iconic theme song (via Genius), it’s safe to say that the music is still a legitimate hallmark of both the show and Kalehoff himself.

As Kalehoff recalled in an interview with Henry Hay’s magazine. “Correct Key” In the YouTube series, most of the show’s music was recorded with synthesizer and Moog work, with several session musicians (including members of the famed LA Wrecking Crew) performing live in the studio. While The Price Is Right may remain his best-known work, the music he wrote for the show prior to his departure in 2020 proved to be just the tip of the iceberg as to where Kalehoff was heading as a television composer.

Indeed, “The Price Is Right” is far from the only show dedicated to the Kalehoff theme. According to composer’s own website, Kalehoff’s vast audio repository boasts contributions to shows such as ABC World News Tonight, The View, 48 Hours, Night Line, PBS NewsHour, and Monday Night Football. Heck, he even wrote the theme song for Nickelodeon’s legendary slime-themed game show Double Dare. In an interview in 2015 PBSKalehoff said he also helped record the iconic ticking clock intro for “60 Minutes”. With a resume like that, Kalehoff can claim to be an icon himself.

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