Who is Danny Dyer’s wife Joanne Mas? Island of Love winner Dani’s mom married EastEnders star

Danny Dyer’s wife Joanne Mas has been in the spotlight following their daughter Danny Dyer’s 2018 Love Island appearance and her longtime husband’s announcement to leave Eastenders.

Here’s what we know about Danny Dyer’s childhood sweetheart.


Danny Dyer with his wife Joanna Mas and daughter Dani

Who is Joanne Mas?

Joanne Mas is Danny Dyer’s wife and soulmate.

The couple have been together for over 20 years after first meeting at school at the age of just 14.

Before Danny’s big success, Joe was the main breadwinner, working as a financial advisor.

Joanna asked Danny to marry her on Valentine’s Day 2015, and they married in September 2016 in an intimate ceremony in Hampshire.

At the time Danny said Hey! magazine“Standing here with the girl I grew up with – so beautiful in a wedding dress – is wonderful.

“Joe is my best girl, the love of my life. Without her, I would be nothing. “

Joanna said, “I’ve dreamed of this day my whole life and I just wanted it to be perfect.”

The couple are planning to renew their vows, and Joanna recently told Kristen Bell Tattoos, “We will not be inviting any celebrities – it will be just my mom, my dad, the kids and my best friends who stayed with me in everything.”

    The couple got married in September 2016.


The couple got married in September 2016.Credit: PA: Press Association.

Does Joanna Mas have children with Danny Dyer?

Joanna and Danny have three children.

Their eldest name is Dani, he appeared on Survival of the Fittest and won Love Island 2018.

They also have another daughter named Sunny and a son named Artie.

When did Danny Dyer have an affair with Sarah Harding?

Sarah had a six-week romance with Danny Dyer in 2012 when they met on the set of Run After Your Wife, in which Danny played a taxi driver who secretly juggled between two wives.

The singer believed that Dyer was lonely when he seduced her, but later became upset when she found out that he had a longtime partner, Joanne Mas, who is now his wife.

A friend told Kristen Bell Tattoos exclusively: “He told her that he lives with his father in Canning Town and that he is not married.

“But in the end, his mask slipped off. She felt resentful and incredibly devoted to him. They have seen each other several times since then, and it was very embarrassing. “

After the revelations surfaced, Danny moved out of the family home and settled in a bachelor’s apartment.

Jo, who was with Danny for over 20 years before marrying him in 2016, joined the front at Danny’s birthday party in August 2017.

They soon realized that they could not live without each other, and moved back together in November 2017, establishing relations.

Why did Danny Dyer leave EastEnders?

The 44-year-old actor who played Queen Vic host Mick Carter decided to leave the East End permanently to take advantage of other opportunities.

His departure should leave the popular soap with huge shoes.

Danny is believed to have signed a new deal for the rival drama on Sky with a six-figure deal.

While this is significantly less than what he makes from the BBC, he is free to pursue opportunities outside of the corporation that could dramatically increase his income.

The BBC’s strict rules prevented him from appearing on rival channels, irritating the 44-year-old Cockney and some of his co-stars.

One source said, “Danny has suggestions from left to right and center, and a lot of what he wanted to do he couldn’t do because East Endians have such strict rules on what he can and can’t. can do.

“It drove him crazy at times, and now he’s ready for a change. But leaving was not easy, with BBC bosses desperate to keep him.

But he was persistent, and when Sky approached, they made him an offer he could not refuse. This is a new chapter for Dan, and he’s in seventh heaven. “

The exact date of his departure is unknown, but now the writers must tackle the scenario of Mick’s departure, and the BBC bosses realize that they are losing a valuable asset.

Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani signed up for Love Island 2018

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