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SOPHIE Brusso made headlines when she was revealed to be the mother of Drake’s child.

Although the couple is no longer together, in 2021 Drake appeared with his son on stage at the Billboard Awards.


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Who is Sophie Brusso?

Sophie Brusso is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited in cities such as New York, Milan and London.

Born and raised near Paris, France, the 33-year-old was the only child of a father who was an engineer and a mother who was a housewife.

She has over 650k followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as an artist, space enthusiast and activist.

Sophie often posts her photos and her work on her page, as well as many photos of her son Adonis.

She briefly studied AI ethics at MIT and is often involved in humanitarian initiatives such as the UN Global Goals.

According to her Web siteSophie wants people to know that she is “a woman in charge of her own destiny. She is an artist, mother, feminist, humanitarian and adventurer. Sophie Brusso is more than the mother of a rapper’s first child and an artist who paints vivid, surreal portraits of other famous people.”

When was Sophie Brusso and Drake’s son born?

Sophie gave birth to Drake’s son Adonis in 2017, making the God’s Plan rapper a father for the first time.

They reportedly met in January 2017 and Sophie got pregnant by them almost immediately afterward.

In January 2017, Sophie was spotted having dinner with the Canadian star while on a trip to Amsterdam.

It looks like they were with a group of friends at a restaurant and were seen happily chatting together while having a Japanese feast.

Then in May 2017 she told TMZ that she was receiving messages from Drake asking for an abortion after she informed him that she was pregnant.

At the time, Drake’s spokesman said, “If it’s really Drake’s baby, which he doesn’t believe, he would have done the right thing with the baby.”

She then gave birth to a son on October 24, 2017 – nine months after she was spotted with Drake and coincidentally on the rapper’s birthday.

However, it wasn’t until June 2018 that Drake finally admitted that he was the father of Sophie’s son.

What is the net worth of Sophie Brusso?

Sophie is reportedly worth around $1 million.

Her earnings are related to her profession as an artist.

But that pales in comparison to her young child’s dad, Drake, who is said to be worth an estimated $250 million. Celebrity Net Worth.

    Drake did not acknowledge his child until 2018.


Drake did not acknowledge his child until 2018.1 credit

What did Drake say about Sophie in his “When to Talk When” lyrics?

Drake angered some of his fans when he called Sophie an “accident” in his song When to Say When.

On the track, he raps: “Mom, mom, an accident, but I love her for who she is.”

The use of the word “accident” has divided fans of the Grammy Award-winning star, with some calling the father of one “poisonous” and “disrespectful.”

On Twitter, one fan was outraged: “Drake calling his bm an accident in the music video is completely wrong. She doesn’t even scold him like many others because of his influence (sic).”

Another asked: “Drake called his baby’s mom an accident. Does he know he only makes himself worse when he says shit like that?”

A third commented, “Drake calling his BM a fluke is also wild, insanely embarrassing even (sic).”

Rapper Motto publicly acknowledged the child for the first time in his song Emotionless on his album Scorpion.

He read: “I did not hide my child from the world, I hid the world from my child …

“Breaking news in my life, I don’t run blogs, the only people I want to tell are the ones I can call.”

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