Who is El Darby?

YOUTUBE star El Darby has achieved worldwide success after releasing her first YouTube video in 2015 documenting her fitness journey.

The content creator is now delving deeper into fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and has a video blog about family life at home with fiancé Connor Swift.


Youtuber El DarbyCredit: Instagram

Who is El Darby?

El Darby is a 26-year-old British content creator from Wiltshire.

Elsa went viral on YouTube after posting a video on how to become a fitness expert in 2015.

Since then, she has gained worldwide fame thanks to her channel, which has over 600 thousand subscribers.

Her real name is El Eleanor, but her subscribers call her El for short, and her content includes video blogs, lifestyle, beauty, and travel.

According to netsworth.com, the YouTuber is worth around £ 300,000.

However, another source (Wiki Bio sites) indicates that this social influencer has a net worth of £ 500,000.

Her money mostly comes from her YouTube and Instagram accounts, as well as collaborations.

Find her Instagram under the nickname @elledarby_.

El Darby and her fiancé Connor Swift


El Darby and her fiancé Connor SwiftCredit: Instagram

Who is El Darby’s fiancé, Connor Swift?

Elle is engaged to Connor Swift, personal trainer, YouTube colleague, founder and owner of a fitness apparel company.

Their entire relationship began after Connor decided to post to Elle on Instagram back in 2015.

Since then, the relationship has flourished and has been imitated by many young people around the world.

In January 2021, Elle announced the exciting news on Youtube that she and Connor were expecting their first child.

In July 2021, Elle uploaded a photo of her newborn son Saint to Instagram and captioned it: “July 10, 2021 – life is just beginning.”

The couple live together in Wiltshire with their two golden retrievers – Herbie and Hector – and their newborn son Saint.

What did El Darby say about her old tweets?

The influencer has apologized to her 600,000-plus Instagram followers after a series of old tweets from 2011 appeared in which she insulted various minority groups and used racial slurs.

Shocked fans took to social media and also pointed out that Connors’ old accounts contained similar hateful and racist words.

She has since apologized for the tweets that she said were “pissed off.”

On Instagram, the couple wrote, “Christmas and New Years are traditionally a time for reflection, and so we decided to take the time to check out both of our stories on social media.

“We are ashamed to admit that we did not like what we found.

“We were both shocked, surprised and devastated by some of the language used in our very old tweets, in particular over a decade ago.

“We feel that everyone is responsible for our mistakes and we try to take responsibility for our actions, especially those that do not portray us in our best light.”

It goes on to say: “These comments are not a reflection of who we are, adults, or who we were at the time they were made, and are not in line with what we stand for.

“We are very angry with ourselves and ashamed that our behavior has hurt some of you who have supported our family for so long.

“We can only wish your forgiveness.”

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