Who is Francis Bourgeois on TikTok?

FRANCIS Bourgeois became famous as a TikTok trainer, and now Joe Jonas has starred in one of his videos.

The TikTok star, who is filming her reaction to passing trains, has amassed two followers. But who is he and what did he say about his favorite hobby?


Joe Jones starred in Francis’s music videosCredit: francis_bourgeois43 / Instagram

How did Francis become friends with Joe Jonas?

TikTok star Francis Bourgeois shocked fans by going to train spotting with Joe Jonas.

The British train lover has amassed over two million subscribers thanks to his short platform videos of him traveling through the British countryside sharing his love of trains.

In a clip posted to his Instagram Stories on January 12, Bourgeois was seen collaborating with an unlikely companion as he and Jonas hung together in a field near the train tracks.

Singer Jonas Brothers also shared a video of an enlarged image of the Bourgeois train icon before revealing the social media star.

“A train spotting with a legend,” Jonas signed his post.

It is unknown why the couple were together, but fans suspected they might have been filming a video for Bourgeois’s TikTok.

Who is Francis Bourgeois on TikTok?

Francis has captured the imagination of TikTok users with his short videos of trainspotting.

He is studying engineering at the University of Nottingham and is from Harlesdon in northwest London.

Despite violent comments about his hobby at school, Francis resumed observing trainspotting during quarantine when he began sharing videos of his outings.

In one particular video, an enthusiastic train fanatic was so excited by a passing 377 class locomotive that he fell off his chair.

Since then, the clip has garnered nearly seven million views.

What did Francis Bourgeois say about trainspotting?

In an interview with This Morning, Francis explained that he often went to Willesdon Junction when he was younger to watch the trains pass.

Then he returned home and drew them from memory.

He explained, “I was just obsessed with these big machines.

“Since then I have a passion for trains, cars, airplanes.”

He is now trying to pursue a career in railway engineering following his success on the social platform.

“I love showing how cool trains can be, and also trying to make you smile, laugh and just try to bring joy,” he said.

“I want to share my passion for trains and engineering to make the rail network better for everyone.”

The clip, in which Francis falls out of his chair while driving, has received over seven million views.


The clip, in which Francis falls out of his chair while driving, has received over seven million views.Photo: TikTok/@francis.bourgeois

Is Francis Bourgeois on Instagram?

Francis has his own Instagram account, where he regularly uploads videos of his trainspotting adventures.

At the time of writing, it has over 1.2 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, after his appearance on the ITV daytime show in October 2021, fans took to social media to praise the young man for his passion.

A viewer tweeted: “I love Francis. How nice to see such enthusiasm and such a wonderful young man. What you need on Monday morning! He deserves to go far in his career. “

And another tweeted: “We just saw Francis and are in love.”

And the third joked: “Francis is the minister of transport.”

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